Confessions of a ONCE Paperless Principal

We've all tried it.......go digital! No paper! Paper is the enemy! Well not anymore. I wonder if anyone else has had these issues???

Digital notes. Digital lists. Digital folders. Digital files. Then it happens............"Now, where did I put that copy?" Dropbox? Evernote? Google Drive? Notes app? Reminders? Noteshelf? Penultimate? Oh for cryin' out lout I can't find anything!@#$%^& (=> digital cursing!)

At the beginning of this year I went back to paper documentation. (It started when I created a Blogging Planner.) I think I have said this before, it takes too long to open and figure out which app to use. Things happen too fast in the principal's office.

Notes App: (Comes on iPhone)To take quick notes when I have no paper then I upload to Evernote. The reason I don't necessarily open Evernote is because the home screen is so busy.

Evernote: I scan all paper and forward all email to Evernote. Then I can trash. I not longer use gmail labels.

Google Drive: Collaborative work only. Shared docs and presentations. Forms.

Dropbox: So I still like to make posters, flyers, and invitations in Pages or Keynote. Anything I have to submit as PDF I create and store here. Syncs with all my computers.

Noteshelf App: I can write on this like paper. Especially with new and improved Evernote Stylus.

Erin Condren Life Planner: Thanks to Erin Klein and Amber Teamann for leading me to this planner this year and it's AMAZING. Still tweaking it and coming up with different ideas but totally worth the purchase.

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