Rethinking My Daughters' Digital Footprints

Last night I was able to stay awake and listen to the Technlandia podcast LIVE. That's the kinda thing that happens on Christmas break when your sleeping schedule is completely OFF. Stay awake until all hours of the night and sleep in. It's awesome! Anyway......

Amber Teamann (@8Amber8 on twitter) shared her behind the scenes thinking for posting pictures of her children online. She posts pics of her 3 yr. old but you don't see much of her older daughter. She mentioned how her older child is entering the age of developing her own digital footprint. How much does your child want his/her footprint tied to yours and yours to his/hers?

Background info: My child attends the school where I am the principal. Seems like lots of people/parents/students/teachers are interested in seeing what I post:)

Who sees pictures you post? Are all your accounts public or private? Doesn't really matter. Nothing is private on the internet. It's just a screenshot away from being public info. What if I post a picture of my child that I think is cute or funny and her classmates sees it? You know, I never thought of it that way. My youngest daughter is super funny, creative, independent, and of course has no fashion sense. So I think it's cute to post pictures of her at her funniest moments.

Set the scene: Here's how I see this playing out......

5 year olds are obviously not creating Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. But their parents have them. Have you seen a picture of a cute kid or someone's kid you know and say, "Awwww come look how cute Cassidy is." Then you read what the person posted it says, "Another fashion faux pas by Thing 2, Miss Cassidy." Everyone giggles and laughs and you move on with your day.

Fast forward to the next school day.........

Now this student notices that my child's clothes don't match or hair is crazy or whatever it is. I just gave this student or any student ammunition to make fun of my child. I can honestly say I never thought of it that way. It can be a cruel world for children.

My new thinking............

I have always looked at the surroundings in pictures that I post. Or at last I try to. I don't want the whole world to see the mountain of laundry piled on my couch behind my two cute smiling children on Instagram.  (In the picture above the laundry pile is as high as the bed so I cropped that out. LOL!) Now I will think twice and analyze what and why I am posting a specific picture.

So thank you Amber! You challenge my thinking and help me think from a different perspective.
Amber blogs at "Technically Teamann." You can find her on twitter at @8Amber8

Sunshine Award Assignment Complete!

Sunshine award? I can hear my principal friends laughing out loud at the idea that I would receive any type of award with the word "sunshine" attached. But it's not really an "award" but a challenge. My new found good friend Amber Teaman over at Technically Teamann tagged me in this challenge. She is so smart so I better follow her lead:)

Here is my assignment:
  1. Acknowledge the nominating blogger. (Done:)
  2. Share 11 random facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger has created for you.
  4. List 11 bloggers. They should be bloggers you believe deserve some recognition and a little blogging love!
  5. Post 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate to answer and let all the bloggers know they have been nominated. (You cannot nominate the blogger who nominated you.)
11 Random Facts about me........
  1. I. Love. NASCAR. No really. It's more than driving in circles:)
  2. When pregnant I never ever thought I would have girls. I have 2 girls and it super fun/cool/exciting/worth it:)
  3. I love office supplies/pens/mechanical pencils/post-its etc. But I always lose them:)
  4. My first degree was in early-childhood and I always thought I would teach 1st grade. During student teaching I taught 5th grade and LOVED it. Taught 5th grade for 10 years.
  5. I am not a shopper. Going to the mall and wandering around aimlessly is not for me. I go with a goal in mind and leave:)
  6. I miss being a teacher and still think I am a teacher. But I love, LOVE, love being a principal.
  7. I eat the same things for a long time. Once I find a meal/food I like I eat it forever:) Or at least until I get tired of it but it takes a long time for me:)
  8. I am a chicken. I cannot watch scarey movies EVER. Still traumatized by movies I watched when I was younger.
  9. My favorite movies are action movies. Transformers/Fast and Furious/Iron Man. :):):)
  10. Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday.
  11. I never finish all the food on my plate when at lunch with my district admin.:) They find great joy on making fun of me for this.
Amber's Questions..........
1. Do you prefer to shop in stores or online? Neither. I don't like to shop.
2. How many pairs of shoes do you own? Not very many. I hate shoes. I have big feet and most shoes for people with big feet are ugly. It's better but still not a fan.
3. What is your favorite type of music? Favorite band or song? Country but like all genres.
4. Cats or Dogs? Why... Dogs. Cats don't like me.
5. What is your typical bedtime? 10:30-11:00
6. Favorite twitter chat? #satchat #edchat #educoach
7. Democrat/Republican/Other? It depends:)
8. Best place you ever vacationed? I have never been much of a vacationer. I consider the things we do on weekends and summer activities as vacation type activities.
9. Best book you've read in 2013? The Five People You Meet In Heaven - After my brother was killed in a motorcycle accident I wanted to know how to help my parents and/or understand what they were going through. So I read all the books they were reading.
10. Favorite television show when you were growing up? I don't remember watching much television growing up. 
11. What is one thing you never/rarely share that you are exceptionally proud of? Right now I am extremely proud of how well my girls behave and treat other people. They are both really good kids and have kind hearts. I am probably too hard on them:)

My questions for my nominees:
  1. How many apps do you have on your phone?
  2. Favorite app and why?
  3. How many songs in your iTunes library?
  4.  Ice cream or french fries?
  5. Favorite children's book?
  6. What organization would you volunteer for and why?
  7. Who was your favorite teacher? Why?
  8. Coffee or soda?
  9. Favorite social media platform?
  10. Indoor or outdoor activities?
  11. Drive through or dine in?
Whew!!! That took forever! And now for the people I would like to learn more about.....(They will never do this but it's worth a shot:)

  1. Jessica Johnson
  2. Leah Whitford
  3. Kristin Ellis
  4. Andrew T. Schwab
  5. Dr. Spike Cook
  6. Chris McGee
  7. Krissy Venosdale
  8. Theresa Stager
  9. Brad Waid
  10.  Don Jacobs
  11. Melissa K.

Confessions of a ONCE Paperless Principal

We've all tried it.......go digital! No paper! Paper is the enemy! Well not anymore. I wonder if anyone else has had these issues???

Digital notes. Digital lists. Digital folders. Digital files. Then it happens............"Now, where did I put that copy?" Dropbox? Evernote? Google Drive? Notes app? Reminders? Noteshelf? Penultimate? Oh for cryin' out lout I can't find anything!@#$%^& (=> digital cursing!)

At the beginning of this year I went back to paper documentation. (It started when I created a Blogging Planner.) I think I have said this before, it takes too long to open and figure out which app to use. Things happen too fast in the principal's office.

Notes App: (Comes on iPhone)To take quick notes when I have no paper then I upload to Evernote. The reason I don't necessarily open Evernote is because the home screen is so busy.

Evernote: I scan all paper and forward all email to Evernote. Then I can trash. I not longer use gmail labels.

Google Drive: Collaborative work only. Shared docs and presentations. Forms.

Dropbox: So I still like to make posters, flyers, and invitations in Pages or Keynote. Anything I have to submit as PDF I create and store here. Syncs with all my computers.

Noteshelf App: I can write on this like paper. Especially with new and improved Evernote Stylus.

Erin Condren Life Planner: Thanks to Erin Klein and Amber Teamann for leading me to this planner this year and it's AMAZING. Still tweaking it and coming up with different ideas but totally worth the purchase.