Twitter Lies I Tell Myself

We've all done it..... Lied to ourselves about our Twitter habits. Here is my short list....

#1 = "I'm only going to check twitter a couple times a day."

Riiiiiight! Define "a couple?" 2 times a day? 5 times? Hourly? (Okay I am not that bad. It's not hourly at least.)

#2 = "Re-tweeting is cheating."

Re-tweeting used to be cheating back in the day of early adopters. Or so I thought at the time. Now that there is so much information out there I am glad others RT. I RT the good stuff so my principal friends can read it too. They might miss it.

#3 = "I'm not going to follow celebrities."

Heck yes you follow celebrities! That's the fun of it. Every now and then a celebrity tweet will go through and you think you are hearing from a famous friend. (Well not really if you are following the Kardashians. That's just wrong, but fun too:)
#4 = "No one is going to follow me."

I am not sure why some of you follow me but you do and it's fun to learn and interact with you.

#5 = "My contributions are small compared to those I follow."

This is actually true. My contributions are small. But I have helped a few twitter friends over the years and developed some great relationships. Turns out some of my contributions have been the "one thing" someone was looking for and I made a positive impact on them.

My final thought.....

Twitter has been a GREAT learning environment for me and many others. It's one of those things you don't realize at first. As Twitter has become more popular it has swallowed up some of us little people. Even if I can keep the connections I have made thus far it worth the lies I tell myself.

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