Finally!!! My Teachers Follow Me

This is not the victory cry of a desperate leader. It is simply the story of how/why my teachers started following me on Twitter.

First, I have almost always shared my ideas here or on Twitter. I follow principals and vice versa to share ideas. We don't need to comment on each others posts or tweets for validation. We simply share our information because we know we are helping each other. So sharing my ideas is nothing new. What is new is.......... my teachers noticed!

I have been tweeting since 2007 when tweeting wasn't necessarily cool. My teachers thought I was weird and other administrators thought it was stupid. Did I just say stupid? My kids would tell me that's a bad word. Anyway......

A few of my teachers have been on twitter for a couple years. By "on twitter" I mean they have an account. Well at #edcampSGF Laura Gilchrist and Lisa Lund did a "Twitter for Beginners" session and my teachers GOT IT!

This weekend I worked on some "fun days/motivation" for my staff and posted it to Twitter. Like I always do as I said before. (Please don't take this out of context and post some secret job survival information that if they don't see it they fail at something. Come on.)Below is the play by play of how they discovered my surprises for the week:):):)

For those of you who wish your teachers would use twitter....... it has only taken me 6 years.

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