Evolution of Using Evernote

A lot has changed in two years since I posted about my Evernote workflow!

First, I broke my Fujitsu ScanSnap last year. Yep, dropped it on the floor.
I have every intention of replacing it someday. But until them I either just take a picture of all the documents I need as a PDF or I use the app CamScanner. Take a pic in CamScanner and email the document to my Evernote email account. Vwa-lah!!!

"Email to Evernote" is my go-to process..... daily. This is BIG, HUGE!!!
If you have an Evernote account you are assigned an Evernote email address. On your mobile device it can be found under Evernote's "general settings."

Things I email to Evernote:

  • Tweets
  • Pictures
  • Pictures of documents
  • Text messages
  • Screenshots
  • Blog posts
If there is any question in mind that I might need something some day........I email it to Evernote. (I usually never need the stuff I think I need. But there will probably be one day I am glad I have something 7 years old:)

No more email folders in my email account!!! My email account was hacked two years ago. It was bad. Okay, it was real bad. Lesson learned! Instead of putting EVERY email in a folder only to NEVER look at it again.....I forward all email to Evernote using my assigned Evernote email:) I can easily search by ANY word that might possibly be in any email/document/picture. AWESOME!

Evernote Post-its Integration.......If you love Post-its but are trying really hard to go all in digitally.....this, my friend, is for you! I am still tweaking my workflow with this because it is so new but it's evolving pretty quickly. You pretty much take a picture of Post-it you have written on and after some behind the seems abracadabra...........you have a digital Post-it note. My to-do lists are green and my staff memo lists are pink.
Doesn't it look like a cute little Post-it note???
And this just scratches the surface of how I use Evernote. I will try not to wait two years to post again!

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