Tools for Flipped Faculty Meetings

Ask and you shall receive! Not really sure there is anything new or different here than many others have shared. After my "Lessons Learned" post there have been some requests to share what equipment/software I use when creating online content for faculty meetings.

My iPhone5! I think my first "flipped PD" was how to use the new phones a couple years ago. Pretty much recorded myself using the phone in my office with my iPhone. Ah you laugh I am sure but it worked at the time.:)

Camtastia: This is pretty expensive and I list a cheaper and/or free version after this. The thing I like the most about this software is the ability to add annotations to videos. Sometimes I don't have time for that and the video just has to speak for itself.

Screencast-o-matic: This can be used online or downloaded and used like software. I have only used this twice.

Google Presentation: This year I created a Google presentation and then tried to record presenting using Screencast-o-matic and it was quite cumber-sum. Pretty sure I will just do a Keynote and record it next time. Then upload to YouTube.

Snowball Mic: LOVE THIS! Have used this since recording the Practical Principals podcast. There may be others but if what I have is working then I will stick with it for a while.

My teachers are "okay" with flipped learning as long as it's in small doses and they can watch/complete it in a short time. I don't "do" flipped PD or flipped faculty meetings all the time. In fact I have only recorded one screencast for them since the beginning of the year. Just because it's a video or screencast doesn't mean I categorize it "flipped." Sometimes you gotta know what you gotta know regardless of the delivery.

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