Promoting Connected Educator Month for my Teachers #ce13

 First, I posted this to my staff memo......
October is "Connected Educator" Month!So what does that mean? We live in a very "connected" world. Our students and our own children will connect with people from all over the world sooner than later. Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter are just a few ways educators and students are connecting. We are better when we connect. We gain ideas and perspectives we would never have if we were not connected.

How do you connect? Even if not online we connect every day. In the morning in the office and workroom. At lunch. During planning time. After school in the "inner circle." We connect at district meetings. Imagine multiplying those connections online and the resources you gain for your learning. The ideas and information you guys share with me make me a better principal. You do great things and I encourage you to share with the world. I challenge to make you a new connection this month.
 Then created these bulletin board displays(just for fun):
Just a fun display for SBG information.

Principal's Brag Board - student work will be posted here.

Next created this masterpiece: (Okay, so maybe not a masterpiece to everyone but I was pretty impressed with my creative energy on this day:))

#Edchat schedule for one week posted in workroom.
The poster on the right has an article by Tom Whitby explaining #Edchats and a link to my iPhone tutorial to follow #Educoach. Both can be accessed by QR codes while teachers are in the workroom. Hopefully during lunch time and they can talk about it. I embedded the following tweet so they can click on @cybraryman1 's list of education chats:)

Followed by an iPhone screencast tutorial on how to participate in a chat........

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