Looking Back on the Beginning #SAVMP

If I could turn back time.....I wouldn't change a thing from the beginning of the school year. After getting a few weeks under my belt I can look back on the beginning of the year with a different perspective. We have a lot going on but the beginning of our year was pretty successful. Below are some pictures of some activities we started the year with...........

Started meetings with this activity

Evaluated our intervention time using this activity
One of 5 charts    

We went back to an Open House format this year instead of "Parent Info" nights. I didn't realize how many of my staff had not been to or hosted an Open House. So we brain-stormed some ideas. This was one of 5 posters.
It's a little bit hard to see in this picture but we rearranged our training room for BYOD faculty meetings. There are tables that line the walls of the whole room. We wanted to be able to see their screen so we could help them with the new assessment software. So far the set up has worked.
The Skinny Improv was absolutely THE BEST event we have ever hosted for the beginning of the year! I co-hosted this event with two other principals and their staff. We hired the Skinny Improve for an hour at a downtown restaurant and laughed so hard we cried. The teachers loved it and needed the release. I highly recommend this. Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously.
Treats on desks are a must!

Treats for our Dr. Seuss theme.
*Disclaimer - Taking @edrethink 's idea and not proofreading or I will never post again.

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