Random Acts of Kindness Principals' Challenge

Two principals challenged their teachers to perform and share "Random Acts of Kindness" throughout this school year.  They have given me permission to share this with you. I may not get all details correct but you will get the idea. Then you can tweak it for your school.

Mrs. Jennings(L) Mrs. Hyde(R)

Boswell Elementary Principals, Lael Hyde and Rachelle Jennings, kicked off their new school year with a bang! (You can find them on twitter at @Laelow1 and @rdjennings3 )At their back-to-school faculty meeting they shared a notebook that would be kept in the office. This special notebook was put in place to keep track of "random acts of kindness" throughout their school.
Nothing fancy:)

(used Skitch to blur names)

The event that caught my eye was posted to Facebook. These ladies did 12 recess duties for their teachers in one day!

Below Mrs. Jennings shares a special story about her experience that day.......

As most of you have seen already, Lael Streight Hyde and I did a Random Act of Kindness day and took ALL 12 recess duties for our teachers today at Boswell. But I have to share the BEST part of that. I was asked by a group of 4th graders to do a flip on the monkey bars. Not sure if I could still do that at my age, I said I'll have to get the courage up, so see me at afternoon recess. A 4th grade girl came up to me and told me she has always been too scared to do a flip on the monkey bars. So I made a deal with her: if I did a flip she had to try one too. And here's the "goosebumps" part....... At afternoon recess, a crowd gathered around the monkey bars to watch me attempt a flip......to which I accomplished-not very gracefully but none the less- I did it! Then it was her turn. The boys and girls cheered for her as I attempted to help her 3 times. On the fourth try she flipped all the way around the monkey bar too- and they all clapped and cheered!!! She overcame one of her fears today with a huge crowd of students cheering her on!! #tearfilledeyes #blessed

  What would happen if you initiated this challenge?

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