#EdcampSGF Only 2 Weeks Away!

Ready or not, it's #Edcamp season! Registration is still open! Join us for a day of collaboration, learning, and of course...... FUN!


Some of my local blog readers are not on Twitter.  Here are some updates and info about #edcampSGF......... Please share with your teachers and join us!
  • #EdcampSGF website with all the info
  • Event is Saturday Sept. 21st @ Willard High School 
  • This is the 2nd Edcamp held in the Springfield area. Last year Summit Preparatory School hosted. They are helping lead this year's events!
  • It is a FREE event open to teachers, administrators, students, parents etc. Everyone is welcome.
  • Post this flyer in your workroom 
  • The schedule will build itself the day of the event

Try it! You'll like it! Then join old and new #Edcamp friends at #EdcampKC Nov. 9th and #EdcampSTL Feb. 8th!