Back to Work To -Do List

My summer is over. Principals in my district get 6 weeks off in the summer if they do not work summer school. I have not chosen to work summer school in order to enjoy my family time. My jobs takes me away from my family physically and/or mentally so I try to guard this time in the summer.

But let me clarify......6 weeks "off" only means I do not have to report to my "school office" and supervise anything. Principals are never really "off". During my "off" weeks I still do work but it is much easier, uninterrupted, and on my time schedule.

Before I share my back to school to-do list I must share what I had planned to get done over my 6 week "vacation."

Summer To-Do's:
  • Clean up my Dropbox
  • Clean up and organize the files on my computer - I got a new Mac Mini at work in August so it's better to organize now before it gets too late.
  • Organize and relocate photos from my MacBook Air to a hard disk until I get them all uploaded to a "cloud" space I like. (Have tried Shutterfly and Flickr so far. Like them both.)
  • Move my office - This wasn't really on my list until another principal in my district moved his office. Our buildings are identical so it worked out perfectly.
  • Move my staff blog to Blogger within our Google Apps account.
  • Create a one-stop Google site for all our building documents etc.
Back to work To - Do's: (This list would have been a little shorter but I decided to spend time on some personal to do's. Clean/organize closet, my girls playroom, garage, and girls clothes.)
  • Update building schedule - The teachers are waiting for this but last year's needs a little tweaking.
  • Finalize class lists
  • Plan Chromebook training for 3rd and 4th grade teachers
  • Meet with preschool teachers
  • Finalize/approve t-shirt design for students
  • Order signs for the doors instead of having teachers make them every year......
  • Work on Flipped Faculty meeting for back-to-school meeting
  • Plan Leadership Team meeting
 And that's just the first week back! Any bets on whether or not I will get it all done????

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