#ISTE Take-away #1 - Poster Sessions for PD

How will you bring #ISTE13 back to your school? The poster sessions were probably my favorite part of the conference. Poster sessions were 2 hour sessions of showcasing great things in different schools/programs. There was a table, bulletin board display and a 2 hour window for conversation with the school/program presenting.
As you can see in the photo above it was a pretty informal conversation and you could learn a lot in a short period of time and move on to the next table. Here are some more examples....

How can you use this in your district?

#1 - These would be GREAT for any new teacher training sessions. Have your master teachers set up before and after new teacher training. You could have different poster sessions each day of training at lunch time or before training.

#2 - Whole district workshops or trainings. We have a couple day long district workshops throughout the year. Poster sessions could be set up at breakfast and lunch times. PD while eating:)

#3 - Open house to showcase a specific exciting thing going on in the classroom. And these are just a few ideas!

Would love to hear how others would use this!

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