Balancing Presentation Time With Work Time

Chromebook training today with my staff was awesome! The resources are below. But my questions to you, my techie instructional friends is this........How do you balance your presentation/information time with time for your teachers to work? Is there a magic formula any of you use? And I am not kidding. I really would like to know how you balance this. Summer time workshops are different because you can have a couple or more hours. During the school year if you do an after school 60 min training, how much work time/processing time do you allow?

My workshop block of time was 4 hours. It basically broke down into 2 hours of info "giving" time and 2 hours of work time. Seemed like a good mix. I can relate to how hard it is to find a solid chunk of time to look at websites and resources when you have young kids at home in the summer.

Workshop resources:

Agenda came first. Then I decided to get fancy and use the bazillion Scrappin' Doodles resources I have purchased over the year and create a colorful presentation. THEN I actually printed the presentation, because it was so colorful, even though I had no reason to print it:):):)