#ISTE Take-away #1 - Poster Sessions for PD

How will you bring #ISTE13 back to your school? The poster sessions were probably my favorite part of the conference. Poster sessions were 2 hour sessions of showcasing great things in different schools/programs. There was a table, bulletin board display and a 2 hour window for conversation with the school/program presenting.
As you can see in the photo above it was a pretty informal conversation and you could learn a lot in a short period of time and move on to the next table. Here are some more examples....

How can you use this in your district?

#1 - These would be GREAT for any new teacher training sessions. Have your master teachers set up before and after new teacher training. You could have different poster sessions each day of training at lunch time or before training.

#2 - Whole district workshops or trainings. We have a couple day long district workshops throughout the year. Poster sessions could be set up at breakfast and lunch times. PD while eating:)

#3 - Open house to showcase a specific exciting thing going on in the classroom. And these are just a few ideas!

Would love to hear how others would use this!

Office Makeover 2013

How often do you rearrange your office? 
Everyone has their own philosophy about office location and arrangement. Not sure that I have new a "philosophy" this time but a new idea for a better workflow. 

Last year I officially made over my office for the first time in 9 years with new furniture....



But this year I decided to move my office to a completely different location. I am still in the "office" but in the back corner of the office. Significantly more space for more comfortable meetings and conversations. In the "before" picture you will notice cables hanging from the middle of the ceiling. A projector was/will be placed here. In the "after" photo you will notice the corner of a table that I can use for grade level meetings.


It's still a work in progress but so far so good today. A BIG shout to the husband for all his help today. Even the principal's husband is put to work at school.

Stay tuned for updated pictures and new desk arrangement.

The Principal Blog on Facebook!

Now that Google Reader is going away, it's summer, and I have all this "free" time, I am going to figure out the settings of having this blog on Facebook! So far my most forgiving friends and colleagues have "liked" the page. Whew!!! Thank you to my inaugural "Likers." 

Please bear with me as I work through this process and the settings. (For example....I think I am supposed to receive text messages when you post, like, tag, comment, share, etc.??? Maybe it's late and my phone is asleep?)

Come on over to The Principal Blog on Facebook and see what conversations principals are having! And thank you in advance for allowing me the summer grace period to get up and running.

Balancing Presentation Time With Work Time

Chromebook training today with my staff was awesome! The resources are below. But my questions to you, my techie instructional friends is this........How do you balance your presentation/information time with time for your teachers to work? Is there a magic formula any of you use? And I am not kidding. I really would like to know how you balance this. Summer time workshops are different because you can have a couple or more hours. During the school year if you do an after school 60 min training, how much work time/processing time do you allow?

My workshop block of time was 4 hours. It basically broke down into 2 hours of info "giving" time and 2 hours of work time. Seemed like a good mix. I can relate to how hard it is to find a solid chunk of time to look at websites and resources when you have young kids at home in the summer.

Workshop resources:

Agenda came first. Then I decided to get fancy and use the bazillion Scrappin' Doodles resources I have purchased over the year and create a colorful presentation. THEN I actually printed the presentation, because it was so colorful, even though I had no reason to print it:):):)

Celebrating Principals!!!

Even principals celebrate can you believe it?! Great day of networking and connecting with colleagues!

Thank you to @venspired for helping me work on creating "posters." I have always wanted to know how teachers have been putting together "collages" of pictures and pdfs someone finally helped me!!!
If you are not following Krissy Venosdale on Twitter or her blog you are REALLY missing out. She has GREAT posters that I have been using in my staff memos. AND I give her credit!!!

This is a rough, ROUGH draft of my first "poster."

SWMAESP June 6th Final Agenda

Dear SWMAESP Members,

Below is the final agenda for this Thursday. I look forward to seeing everyone and celebrating the end of the year. Please be sure to invite other principals in the area ESPECIALLY our newbies!

We have approximately 45 members signed up to attend! That is very exciting! The agenda below is posted using the website scribd.com. If it is blocked in your district you should be able to view it on your smartphone.

Summer Reading List 2013

My virtual bookshelf is overflowing! So how do I decide what to read THIS summer? I have no idea but here are some books that made my list and why:

Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success by Phil Jackson -  LOVE Phil Jackson! Read Sacred Hoops a few years ago and loved it so I am sure this is a great book too.

Readicide: How Schools Are Killing Reading and What You Can Do About It - Sounds interesting and I do think we take some of the fun out of reading.
Season it With Fun & The 7 Secrets of Motivating & Inspiring Your Team - These are re-reads and I am adding activities to my calendar as I go so I don't forget.

Literature Circles: Voice & Choice in Book Clubs and Reading Groups - What are we going to do with all our high readers? We tend to teach to, or pay more attention to our lower readers. I want to be able to help my teachers with the high fliers.
I'll try to remember to update you at the end of the summer whether or not I read all these or chose some other books.