Teacher Appreciation 2013

How do you celebrate Teacher Appreciation at your school? Every year is different for us. Maybe you can use some of our ideas next year!

Below is the letter I sent home to parents. This pretty much took all control out of my hands which was frightening. If the parents didn't respond to this my teachers would have had nothing. I shouldn't have been surprised how well they did with this! It was amazing!

Day One: I provided a luncheon but the parents signed up for desserts. I use VolunteerSpot.com and they had filled all "spots" within 24 hours!

This sweet family had a whole cake made and dedicated to our teachers!

These are all the desserts the parents donated!

We have connections at a local Mexican restaurant!

 Day Two: The teachers have enough to drink for the rest of the summer! The kids had a blast delivering the teacher's favorite drinks!

I kind of lost tract the remainder of the week but the whole building smelled like flower shop on Day Three. Day Four the kids created all kinds of thank you notes and projects to give their teachers.
Day Five "Sweet Treat Day" was even a bigger success! The teachers had so much candy they were letting students eat it! This made the kids even happier.

Feel free to use any of our ideas for your school or for your own children to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week 2014!