Teachers Ask. You Choose

Did you know that you can give to classrooms from the comfort of your own home or mobile device? We have two teachers who have projects waiting to be funded on DonorsChoose.org.

Mrs. Kramer's Project = iPod for Education  (Enter the code INSPIRE and your donation will be matched.)

Mrs. Well's Project = Pencils and Sharpeners and Erasers, Oh My

Donations as little as $5 can make a difference. More and more of our teachers will be posting projects so can you help them? Watch this short video below to learn more.......

Teachers Dancing Behind Students

We too have tried all the state testing incentives and assemblies. This year we decided to just have fun and do something that would make everyone laugh and feel good instead of stressing out so much. A while ago I came across some videos of teachers dancing behind students on YouTube and it was really funny. So here is our version.......ENJOY!

Exit Ticket SWMAESP Workshop April 8, 2013

This post will be made into a QR code to post at our meeting today for our principals to provide feedback about our meeting.

Skitch Examples for Admin Meeting

Today is our first Technology Smackdown at our Admin team. There will be 3 of us sharing today and I have chosen to showcase Skitch. Below are picture examples. The reason I am sharing on my blog is in case I can't mirror my iPad with the Reflector App. I know we will have internet access just not mirroring.