Photostream as/for Professional Development

Finally! One way to use Photostream at school.

During a "faculty meeting" a couple of weeks ago I introduced Photostream to my staff. Prior to the meeting they had to make sure they had Photostream turned on on their iPad and I had to know what account their ipad was set up under.(We have a designated account for each teacher but there have been glitches and I have allowed different accounts to be used.)

I shared out the first album, Word Work, with all my staff. They had to accept the album. I only had one picture in the album.

At the meeting each staff member created an album, titled it with their last name, and shared it with only me.(To practice they took a picture of themselves with the iPad camera and put it in the shared folder.)

It did take about 30 min. To get everyone set up and troubleshoot issues.

Then the teachers' assignment was to go take pictures of 3-5 of their word work activities for The Daily 5. Then put them in the album they shared with me. Then I put them in the album I shared with EVERYONE. Each teacher now has access to at least 50-60 new word work activity ideas.