#MAESP13 Reflections from State Conference

SWMAESP Distinguished Principal Ed Elsea

This weekend was the Missouri State Elementary Principals Conference. I strongly encourage all of my readers to join and become active in your professional organizations. Whether it's a teacher organization, technology organization, or athletic organization, you will never regret joining. It's all about the networking!
NAESP President Mark Terry

A little over 10 years ago I attended my first MAESP conference. Another principal pretty much signed me up and told me I was going. Then, I ended up on local and statewide committees for the organization. I was rookie so I pretty much did what the veterans told me. Boy! Am I glad I did!
Principal Bill Powers presenting session on Twitter.

The conference was GREAT! It's not just the workshops that make this conference great. It's the fact that is the only time we really get to celebrate PRINCIPALS!!! We can all relate to the highs and lows of the job and give each other encouragement and ideas throughout the weekend. It's the celebratory climate that rejuvenates us to make that last spring to the end of the year.
SWMAESP Distinguished New Principal Tracy Daniels.

How about a conference "top 10" to put it all in perspective:
  1. Each district recognizes a "Distinguished" Principal, Assistant Principal, and New Principal.
  2. Practical application workshops: Workshops are put on by fellow principals. The information can be taken back and used immediately in our own school settings.
  3. Common threads: Most workshops are about common things going on in all schools right now. (RTI, standards based grading, intervention, enrichment, PLC, etc.)
  4. Connecting with old friends - Spring conference is sometimes the only time of the year we see each other. Even principals that work within 30 miles.
  5. Connecting with vendors - There is protected time to visit the exhibit hall and touch base with vendors and/or make new vendor connections.
  6. Current legislation(or lack of): Information is shared during business meetings to let us know what is going on in legislation. 
  7. Prizes! Vendors and our organization give away prizes throughout the conference. An Ozark principal won an iPad!
  8. Meeting other principals: This is huge! There is always something to learn from principals around the state.
  9. Networking - you never know when you are going to need a connection in another district. Whether you are looking for a job or want to observe a school that is doing something you would like to do, there is not place better than a resort of colleagues to make those connections.
  10. HAVE FUN! There is social time built in when everyone can just let loose and have a good time.
See you next year!!!

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