Still Trying to Convince Teachers to Tweet

Convincing my teachers of the value of twitter is still a struggle for me. It's hard to convince them it is not "one more thing." They don't really need to "tweet." With all the "chats" they could just log on and follow a chat. So my current angle is to show them a #chat.
We are doing a lot of work developing our PLC. So I chose #atplc as my first chat to show them. There are plenty others but you have to start somewhere:)
Below I created a "Storify" with just a few tweets from the hashtag #atplc. Didn't want to overwhelm them right out of the gate.

Then I decided they might need a few more tips and made this with Skitch:

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  1. Thank you for posting this topic. I have been working with my elementary staff on this same idea. As they say with twitter it is PD anytime, anywhere.