Why You Should Join Your State Principal's Association!

This year I was "nominated" to be the President of SWMAESP. It is an honor to serve my area principals. However, I know there are more of you out there looking for that professional group to connect with. This blog entry is created to be an information spot to send to principals who may not be a part of a professional organization. We want you to be a part of ours!

Below is an embedded document with lots of reason's to be a part of our local organization as well as the national organization, NAESP. Other than what is listed on the document there are some unintentional bonus benefits to becoming part of our group....
  • We are a like-minded group of professionals that like to hang-out and talk shop during the school year!
  • We want to help each other.
  • We know that by sharing our ideas with others, we get more ideas in return.
  • We like to "Pay it Forward."
  • We want to be a part of your PLN - Professional Learning Network
  • Help is just a phone call away! Even on your worst day you can reach out and we will help you find a solution and add a little humor for no extra cost!
  • We build friendships that will last long after the sunset of your principal-ship.
  • We provide professional development every time we meet.
  • We have large and small group meetings through-out the year.
So what's holding you back?! We are all in this together and I know that when I collaborate I am a much better Principal!

MAESP Website 
NAESP Website

The membership fee is worth it! Check with your Superintendent or Central Office to see if your district will cover your membership. If not, we can help you figure out a payment plan.

Still Trying to Convince Teachers to Tweet

Convincing my teachers of the value of twitter is still a struggle for me. It's hard to convince them it is not "one more thing." They don't really need to "tweet." With all the "chats" they could just log on and follow a chat. So my current angle is to show them a #chat.
We are doing a lot of work developing our PLC. So I chose #atplc as my first chat to show them. There are plenty others but you have to start somewhere:)
Below I created a "Storify" with just a few tweets from the hashtag #atplc. Didn't want to overwhelm them right out of the gate.

Then I decided they might need a few more tips and made this with Skitch:

SWMAESP Professional Development Opportunity

Dear SWMAESP Members,

Many of you have requested professional development. Your Executive Committee is working to put together a PD opportunity on school safety, specifically deescalating a volatile person or situation.

When: Tuesday Feb. 26 1:00-3:00PM
Where: WOLF School (Same location as Nov. meeting)
Topic: Deescalation of Heightened Situations
Snacks will be provided:)

In order to determine our needs for food and funds we would like to get a count of who will be attending. We can do certificates for people who need them to return to their districts. Our plan is to cover the cost of this with our SWMAESP money. We do not anticipate a fee at this time but it would be no more than $10 or $20 if anything.

This would be a first for us to host a Feb. meeting. We are excited to offer this PD to our members! We also plan to host additional Professional Development in the Spring, end of May or June. Below is a sign up for this event. PLEASE sign up even if you think you MIGHT come. There is a spot to mark "maybe." There is also a place for comments. We always welcome your feedback.

Staff Gifts 2013

For those of you who have to come up with various staff gifts each year I hope this is helpful for you. There are 3 gifts in this picture.

Teacher gift = Santa cup with markers: Bless my secretary's heart but she put all these together this year. This is our rendition of an idea we found on Pinterest. Cups purchased at a dollar store, santa belt is duct tape, tissue paper stuffed in bottom of cup so markers sit up higher, flower is an Accu-cut die cut. I was able to use instructional supply money for the markers since this is something I always buy the teachers anyway.

Central office & School Board gift = Ornament: Ornaments purchased for 1/2 price at Hobby Lobby, rhinestone sticker also purchased at Hobby Lobby. (Can't find the link to the idea. It was on a post as a place setting holder.)

Non-certified Staff gift: "Santa-tizer" antibacterial soap. Idea here