Rethinking My Daughters' Digital Footprints

Last night I was able to stay awake and listen to the Technlandia podcast LIVE. That's the kinda thing that happens on Christmas break when your sleeping schedule is completely OFF. Stay awake until all hours of the night and sleep in. It's awesome! Anyway......

Amber Teamann (@8Amber8 on twitter) shared her behind the scenes thinking for posting pictures of her children online. She posts pics of her 3 yr. old but you don't see much of her older daughter. She mentioned how her older child is entering the age of developing her own digital footprint. How much does your child want his/her footprint tied to yours and yours to his/hers?

Background info: My child attends the school where I am the principal. Seems like lots of people/parents/students/teachers are interested in seeing what I post:)

Who sees pictures you post? Are all your accounts public or private? Doesn't really matter. Nothing is private on the internet. It's just a screenshot away from being public info. What if I post a picture of my child that I think is cute or funny and her classmates sees it? You know, I never thought of it that way. My youngest daughter is super funny, creative, independent, and of course has no fashion sense. So I think it's cute to post pictures of her at her funniest moments.

Set the scene: Here's how I see this playing out......

5 year olds are obviously not creating Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. But their parents have them. Have you seen a picture of a cute kid or someone's kid you know and say, "Awwww come look how cute Cassidy is." Then you read what the person posted it says, "Another fashion faux pas by Thing 2, Miss Cassidy." Everyone giggles and laughs and you move on with your day.

Fast forward to the next school day.........

Now this student notices that my child's clothes don't match or hair is crazy or whatever it is. I just gave this student or any student ammunition to make fun of my child. I can honestly say I never thought of it that way. It can be a cruel world for children.

My new thinking............

I have always looked at the surroundings in pictures that I post. Or at last I try to. I don't want the whole world to see the mountain of laundry piled on my couch behind my two cute smiling children on Instagram.  (In the picture above the laundry pile is as high as the bed so I cropped that out. LOL!) Now I will think twice and analyze what and why I am posting a specific picture.

So thank you Amber! You challenge my thinking and help me think from a different perspective.
Amber blogs at "Technically Teamann." You can find her on twitter at @8Amber8

Sunshine Award Assignment Complete!

Sunshine award? I can hear my principal friends laughing out loud at the idea that I would receive any type of award with the word "sunshine" attached. But it's not really an "award" but a challenge. My new found good friend Amber Teaman over at Technically Teamann tagged me in this challenge. She is so smart so I better follow her lead:)

Here is my assignment:
  1. Acknowledge the nominating blogger. (Done:)
  2. Share 11 random facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger has created for you.
  4. List 11 bloggers. They should be bloggers you believe deserve some recognition and a little blogging love!
  5. Post 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate to answer and let all the bloggers know they have been nominated. (You cannot nominate the blogger who nominated you.)
11 Random Facts about me........
  1. I. Love. NASCAR. No really. It's more than driving in circles:)
  2. When pregnant I never ever thought I would have girls. I have 2 girls and it super fun/cool/exciting/worth it:)
  3. I love office supplies/pens/mechanical pencils/post-its etc. But I always lose them:)
  4. My first degree was in early-childhood and I always thought I would teach 1st grade. During student teaching I taught 5th grade and LOVED it. Taught 5th grade for 10 years.
  5. I am not a shopper. Going to the mall and wandering around aimlessly is not for me. I go with a goal in mind and leave:)
  6. I miss being a teacher and still think I am a teacher. But I love, LOVE, love being a principal.
  7. I eat the same things for a long time. Once I find a meal/food I like I eat it forever:) Or at least until I get tired of it but it takes a long time for me:)
  8. I am a chicken. I cannot watch scarey movies EVER. Still traumatized by movies I watched when I was younger.
  9. My favorite movies are action movies. Transformers/Fast and Furious/Iron Man. :):):)
  10. Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday.
  11. I never finish all the food on my plate when at lunch with my district admin.:) They find great joy on making fun of me for this.
Amber's Questions..........
1. Do you prefer to shop in stores or online? Neither. I don't like to shop.
2. How many pairs of shoes do you own? Not very many. I hate shoes. I have big feet and most shoes for people with big feet are ugly. It's better but still not a fan.
3. What is your favorite type of music? Favorite band or song? Country but like all genres.
4. Cats or Dogs? Why... Dogs. Cats don't like me.
5. What is your typical bedtime? 10:30-11:00
6. Favorite twitter chat? #satchat #edchat #educoach
7. Democrat/Republican/Other? It depends:)
8. Best place you ever vacationed? I have never been much of a vacationer. I consider the things we do on weekends and summer activities as vacation type activities.
9. Best book you've read in 2013? The Five People You Meet In Heaven - After my brother was killed in a motorcycle accident I wanted to know how to help my parents and/or understand what they were going through. So I read all the books they were reading.
10. Favorite television show when you were growing up? I don't remember watching much television growing up. 
11. What is one thing you never/rarely share that you are exceptionally proud of? Right now I am extremely proud of how well my girls behave and treat other people. They are both really good kids and have kind hearts. I am probably too hard on them:)

My questions for my nominees:
  1. How many apps do you have on your phone?
  2. Favorite app and why?
  3. How many songs in your iTunes library?
  4.  Ice cream or french fries?
  5. Favorite children's book?
  6. What organization would you volunteer for and why?
  7. Who was your favorite teacher? Why?
  8. Coffee or soda?
  9. Favorite social media platform?
  10. Indoor or outdoor activities?
  11. Drive through or dine in?
Whew!!! That took forever! And now for the people I would like to learn more about.....(They will never do this but it's worth a shot:)

  1. Jessica Johnson
  2. Leah Whitford
  3. Kristin Ellis
  4. Andrew T. Schwab
  5. Dr. Spike Cook
  6. Chris McGee
  7. Krissy Venosdale
  8. Theresa Stager
  9. Brad Waid
  10.  Don Jacobs
  11. Melissa K.

Confessions of a ONCE Paperless Principal

We've all tried it.......go digital! No paper! Paper is the enemy! Well not anymore. I wonder if anyone else has had these issues???

Digital notes. Digital lists. Digital folders. Digital files. Then it happens............"Now, where did I put that copy?" Dropbox? Evernote? Google Drive? Notes app? Reminders? Noteshelf? Penultimate? Oh for cryin' out lout I can't find anything!@#$%^& (=> digital cursing!)

At the beginning of this year I went back to paper documentation. (It started when I created a Blogging Planner.) I think I have said this before, it takes too long to open and figure out which app to use. Things happen too fast in the principal's office.

Notes App: (Comes on iPhone)To take quick notes when I have no paper then I upload to Evernote. The reason I don't necessarily open Evernote is because the home screen is so busy.

Evernote: I scan all paper and forward all email to Evernote. Then I can trash. I not longer use gmail labels.

Google Drive: Collaborative work only. Shared docs and presentations. Forms.

Dropbox: So I still like to make posters, flyers, and invitations in Pages or Keynote. Anything I have to submit as PDF I create and store here. Syncs with all my computers.

Noteshelf App: I can write on this like paper. Especially with new and improved Evernote Stylus.

Erin Condren Life Planner: Thanks to Erin Klein and Amber Teamann for leading me to this planner this year and it's AMAZING. Still tweaking it and coming up with different ideas but totally worth the purchase.

The New Evernote Stylus...Winner!!!

Obviously, I have stylus issues. I actually prefer to write on the iPad as opposed to type notes. Been trying for years to find the right the stylus and I have tried MANY as you can see in the picture above. My favorite of the above stylus(es) is the pink one. It has a spongy tip. The reason there are two is because my youngest chewed the end off one of them when she was teething years ago:)

I also thought I would like to have it attached to my iPhone or iPad with the string. Never really bought into that either.

But I think I have found it. The Jot Script Evernote Edition! So far so good. But expensive.  I LOVE the app Noteshelf because of all the cute notebook covers and customizable papers. But I am not sure I will be able to stick with it because it is so cumbersome to personalize. Cute but not practical. I also use the calligraphy style choice for writing because it is more forgiving of bad handwriting.

The recommended app to use with this stylus is Penultimate. Lots of people choose this app but I have yet to experiment with it.

Maybe it could be a Christmas present?

Evolution of Using Evernote

A lot has changed in two years since I posted about my Evernote workflow!

First, I broke my Fujitsu ScanSnap last year. Yep, dropped it on the floor.
I have every intention of replacing it someday. But until them I either just take a picture of all the documents I need as a PDF or I use the app CamScanner. Take a pic in CamScanner and email the document to my Evernote email account. Vwa-lah!!!

"Email to Evernote" is my go-to process..... daily. This is BIG, HUGE!!!
If you have an Evernote account you are assigned an Evernote email address. On your mobile device it can be found under Evernote's "general settings."

Things I email to Evernote:

  • Tweets
  • Pictures
  • Pictures of documents
  • Text messages
  • Screenshots
  • Blog posts
If there is any question in mind that I might need something some day........I email it to Evernote. (I usually never need the stuff I think I need. But there will probably be one day I am glad I have something 7 years old:)

No more email folders in my email account!!! My email account was hacked two years ago. It was bad. Okay, it was real bad. Lesson learned! Instead of putting EVERY email in a folder only to NEVER look at it again.....I forward all email to Evernote using my assigned Evernote email:) I can easily search by ANY word that might possibly be in any email/document/picture. AWESOME!

Evernote Post-its Integration.......If you love Post-its but are trying really hard to go all in digitally.....this, my friend, is for you! I am still tweaking my workflow with this because it is so new but it's evolving pretty quickly. You pretty much take a picture of Post-it you have written on and after some behind the seems abracadabra...........you have a digital Post-it note. My to-do lists are green and my staff memo lists are pink.
Doesn't it look like a cute little Post-it note???
And this just scratches the surface of how I use Evernote. I will try not to wait two years to post again!

Twitter Lies I Tell Myself

We've all done it..... Lied to ourselves about our Twitter habits. Here is my short list....

#1 = "I'm only going to check twitter a couple times a day."

Riiiiiight! Define "a couple?" 2 times a day? 5 times? Hourly? (Okay I am not that bad. It's not hourly at least.)

#2 = "Re-tweeting is cheating."

Re-tweeting used to be cheating back in the day of early adopters. Or so I thought at the time. Now that there is so much information out there I am glad others RT. I RT the good stuff so my principal friends can read it too. They might miss it.

#3 = "I'm not going to follow celebrities."

Heck yes you follow celebrities! That's the fun of it. Every now and then a celebrity tweet will go through and you think you are hearing from a famous friend. (Well not really if you are following the Kardashians. That's just wrong, but fun too:)
#4 = "No one is going to follow me."

I am not sure why some of you follow me but you do and it's fun to learn and interact with you.

#5 = "My contributions are small compared to those I follow."

This is actually true. My contributions are small. But I have helped a few twitter friends over the years and developed some great relationships. Turns out some of my contributions have been the "one thing" someone was looking for and I made a positive impact on them.

My final thought.....

Twitter has been a GREAT learning environment for me and many others. It's one of those things you don't realize at first. As Twitter has become more popular it has swallowed up some of us little people. Even if I can keep the connections I have made thus far it worth the lies I tell myself.

Finally!!! My Teachers Follow Me

This is not the victory cry of a desperate leader. It is simply the story of how/why my teachers started following me on Twitter.

First, I have almost always shared my ideas here or on Twitter. I follow principals and vice versa to share ideas. We don't need to comment on each others posts or tweets for validation. We simply share our information because we know we are helping each other. So sharing my ideas is nothing new. What is new is.......... my teachers noticed!

I have been tweeting since 2007 when tweeting wasn't necessarily cool. My teachers thought I was weird and other administrators thought it was stupid. Did I just say stupid? My kids would tell me that's a bad word. Anyway......

A few of my teachers have been on twitter for a couple years. By "on twitter" I mean they have an account. Well at #edcampSGF Laura Gilchrist and Lisa Lund did a "Twitter for Beginners" session and my teachers GOT IT!

This weekend I worked on some "fun days/motivation" for my staff and posted it to Twitter. Like I always do as I said before. (Please don't take this out of context and post some secret job survival information that if they don't see it they fail at something. Come on.)Below is the play by play of how they discovered my surprises for the week:):):)

For those of you who wish your teachers would use twitter....... it has only taken me 6 years.

Take Edcamp Back to Your School #EdcampKC Reflections

First things first.....THANK YOU Kyle Pace and Laura Gilchrist for putting together a great event. Having first hand knowledge of what it takes to put together an Edcamp I know how hard you worked.

My favorite Edcamp experiences are the connections. Touching base with those you have met before and making new connections. There is always that empty spot for those who can't make it.

Pre-Event Tweet-Up: Big success! Never seems to last long enough because everyone is tired from traveling. Worth the hour or two to connect in case you aren't able to connect the next day.

The #Edcamp Experience: After attending my first edcamp in St. Louis, I knew my teachers had to experience Edcamp. It is important that my teachers enjoy it, bring back ideas, share ideas, and have the good things they are doing validated by other great educators. Something I didn't expect were the amount of Edcamp Newbies! When Kyle asked who was attending an Edcamp for the first time, I was shocked! I hope they felt welcome. I hope they had fun. I hope they made great connections like I made over the years.
Showcasing Heads Up App:)

Sessions: The sessions were amazing! I tend to be pretty social so I wandered in and out of the first sessions. Can I just say that Chris McGee makes me laugh ALL THE TIME! He is such a high energy facilitator. Together with Brent Catlett, JP Prezzavento, Rob Lamb, Josh Allen, and all the others, you couldn't ask for a more dedicated Edcamp group to lead conversations. Yes there were ladies presenting! Kristina Peters, Jamie Faith, Michelle Baldwin, Mandy Adey and on and on! I am sure I forgot someone, sorry.

Taking Edcamp back to your school: The session I offered to facilitate was, "How to take Edcamp back to your school." With all the buzz and focus on great Edcamp experiences, how do you "do" an Edcamp? I have included the link to the document we created. (thank you former Willard grad Tanya Spillane:) You are welcome to add to it.  There is significant interest in applying Edcamp strategies to traditional PD. I also realized it's difficult to get the process started. We will continue to add to the document at future Edcamps.

The "last supper:" Or end of the event dinner. (Call it whatever.) I usually drive home and miss the "after party." Turns out my kids were accounted for and I could hang out a little longer. It was great to have relaxed conversations and get to know people even better. You always hope the people you interact with on Twitter are the real deal. This group was the real deal!

See you at the next Edcamp!

Promoting Connected Educator Month for my Teachers #ce13

 First, I posted this to my staff memo......
October is "Connected Educator" Month!So what does that mean? We live in a very "connected" world. Our students and our own children will connect with people from all over the world sooner than later. Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter are just a few ways educators and students are connecting. We are better when we connect. We gain ideas and perspectives we would never have if we were not connected.

How do you connect? Even if not online we connect every day. In the morning in the office and workroom. At lunch. During planning time. After school in the "inner circle." We connect at district meetings. Imagine multiplying those connections online and the resources you gain for your learning. The ideas and information you guys share with me make me a better principal. You do great things and I encourage you to share with the world. I challenge to make you a new connection this month.
 Then created these bulletin board displays(just for fun):
Just a fun display for SBG information.

Principal's Brag Board - student work will be posted here.

Next created this masterpiece: (Okay, so maybe not a masterpiece to everyone but I was pretty impressed with my creative energy on this day:))

#Edchat schedule for one week posted in workroom.
The poster on the right has an article by Tom Whitby explaining #Edchats and a link to my iPhone tutorial to follow #Educoach. Both can be accessed by QR codes while teachers are in the workroom. Hopefully during lunch time and they can talk about it. I embedded the following tweet so they can click on @cybraryman1 's list of education chats:)

Followed by an iPhone screencast tutorial on how to participate in a chat........

Tools for Flipped Faculty Meetings

Ask and you shall receive! Not really sure there is anything new or different here than many others have shared. After my "Lessons Learned" post there have been some requests to share what equipment/software I use when creating online content for faculty meetings.

My iPhone5! I think my first "flipped PD" was how to use the new phones a couple years ago. Pretty much recorded myself using the phone in my office with my iPhone. Ah you laugh I am sure but it worked at the time.:)

Camtastia: This is pretty expensive and I list a cheaper and/or free version after this. The thing I like the most about this software is the ability to add annotations to videos. Sometimes I don't have time for that and the video just has to speak for itself.

Screencast-o-matic: This can be used online or downloaded and used like software. I have only used this twice.

Google Presentation: This year I created a Google presentation and then tried to record presenting using Screencast-o-matic and it was quite cumber-sum. Pretty sure I will just do a Keynote and record it next time. Then upload to YouTube.

Snowball Mic: LOVE THIS! Have used this since recording the Practical Principals podcast. There may be others but if what I have is working then I will stick with it for a while.

My teachers are "okay" with flipped learning as long as it's in small doses and they can watch/complete it in a short time. I don't "do" flipped PD or flipped faculty meetings all the time. In fact I have only recorded one screencast for them since the beginning of the year. Just because it's a video or screencast doesn't mean I categorize it "flipped." Sometimes you gotta know what you gotta know regardless of the delivery.

Looking Back on the Beginning #SAVMP

If I could turn back time.....I wouldn't change a thing from the beginning of the school year. After getting a few weeks under my belt I can look back on the beginning of the year with a different perspective. We have a lot going on but the beginning of our year was pretty successful. Below are some pictures of some activities we started the year with...........

Started meetings with this activity

Evaluated our intervention time using this activity
One of 5 charts    

We went back to an Open House format this year instead of "Parent Info" nights. I didn't realize how many of my staff had not been to or hosted an Open House. So we brain-stormed some ideas. This was one of 5 posters.
It's a little bit hard to see in this picture but we rearranged our training room for BYOD faculty meetings. There are tables that line the walls of the whole room. We wanted to be able to see their screen so we could help them with the new assessment software. So far the set up has worked.
The Skinny Improv was absolutely THE BEST event we have ever hosted for the beginning of the year! I co-hosted this event with two other principals and their staff. We hired the Skinny Improve for an hour at a downtown restaurant and laughed so hard we cried. The teachers loved it and needed the release. I highly recommend this. Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously.
Treats on desks are a must!

Treats for our Dr. Seuss theme.
*Disclaimer - Taking @edrethink 's idea and not proofreading or I will never post again.

#SWMAESP Fall Meeting Sign Up - Oct. 8th

Hello Principals! This is your official invitation and sign up for our first meeting of the year!

Who: Any/all Southwest Missouri Principals
When: Tuesday Oct. 8th, 12:30-3:30 PM
Where: Strafford Auditorium, Strafford, MO

Tentative Schedule:

12:00-12:30 New Principal Social: If you are a new principal or have not been to a SWMAESP meeting please join us early so we can get to know you and learn how we can best help our newbies!

12:30-1:00 Light lunch and socializing: Sandwiches, chips and drinks provided by our SW group. (We might have a sponsor that can cover the cost of lunch but I haven't heard back yet.)

1:00-1:30 Business Meeting: Agenda will be presented at meeting or sent electronically. Something like this......
  • Welcome and Introductions - New State Director Mike Schooley
  • Membership Report - Toni Bass, Logan-Rogersville
  • Treasurers Report -Kara Crighton-Smith
  • Secretary's Report from June 6th Meeting - Pat Sutherland
  • General Announcements - Spring Conference update, call for presentations, etc.
1:30-3:30 Round Table Discussions:
  • Legal/Legislative Issues: Mike Lodewegen
  • Discipline: Annette Cozort/Susie Gasser, Monett Schools
  • Teacher Evaluations:  Michelle Collins, Branson/Toni Bass, Logan Rogersville
  • Celebrations: Lael Hyde/Sheila Moore, Lebanon Schools
  • Time management/Balance: Karla Spears, Halfway Schools
  • Common Core Commuication with Parents: Dr. Doug Hayter, Branson Schools
  • Standards Based Grading: Addie Gaines, Kirbyville Schools/Kara Crighton-Smith Willard Schools
  • Technology: Melinda Miller, Willard Schools(That's me:)
PLEASE fill out this form even if you are not coming. This will allow me to add your information to our contact list even if you are not able to attend.

Lessons Learned "Flipping" Faculty Meetings

What a difference a year makes! The Professional Development Plan I created for my learning last year was to utilize more video. More video to promote my school, communicate, and provide PD. (It sounded more formal on my written plan.) You might say that I learned a lot.......

A wolf in sheep's clothing: My first, unpublished, attempt was just a video of me lecturing in a monotone voice, none the less.  It sounded terrible and I am not a fan of seeing myself in videos. So I have tried to stay away from this format. A lecture is a lecture whether in video or in person.

Everybody's doing it: If you Google "Flipped Faculty Meeting" you will find some good examples and some terrible examples. Of course I am not going link to terrible examples because at least they tried. My first attempt was not that great either.

Praise in public, criticize in private: If you upload your flipped faculty meeting to YouTube, do not scold or discipline your teachers in that video. Really. I am not kidding. Don't do that.

Do not wing it: It took five tries without a script before I decided I probably needed to have a written plan.  So I stopped and wrote it all down.

Timing is everything: Edreach Flipped Learning has some great info. At one point I listened to a short segment and it was suggested to stay under 5 min. per lesson/video. It was actually pretty tough at first. But short quick videos are much better. It's easier for me to watch short quick videos so I thought my teachers would feel the same.

Saving grace?: Not really. At first I thought my teachers would be so thrilled because they would never have to meet with me again. I could just email them and record videos forever. Well that's not true but you know what I mean. We HAVE TO have face to face time. We need to laugh together and have dialogue.  You can communicate anything online now. But even in the flipped classroom model students come back to the classroom to process the information.

Balancing Act: It's just another balancing act in the unpredictable world we work in. Like our work with students, we need to keep it mixed up with adults too. One thing or the same thing all the time will get old.

Try and Try Again: Of course I tried again this year and feel a little better about the end result. Still a work in progress.
  • Part 1 
  • Part 2
  • Part 3 was in written form and you don't get to see it:):):)

Todd Whitaker Workshop in Lees Summit, MO Oct. 29th

Kansas City Suburban Elementary Principals Association is hosting Todd Whitaker on Tuesday Oct. 29th.  We would like to thank them for extending the invitation to SWMAESP and other districts in the state. If you have not had the opportunity to hear Todd Whitaker speak I highly recommend you attend this workshop.
Details are included in the flyer below:

#EdcampSGF Only 2 Weeks Away!

Ready or not, it's #Edcamp season! Registration is still open! Join us for a day of collaboration, learning, and of course...... FUN!


Some of my local blog readers are not on Twitter.  Here are some updates and info about #edcampSGF......... Please share with your teachers and join us!
  • #EdcampSGF website with all the info
  • Event is Saturday Sept. 21st @ Willard High School 
  • This is the 2nd Edcamp held in the Springfield area. Last year Summit Preparatory School hosted. They are helping lead this year's events!
  • It is a FREE event open to teachers, administrators, students, parents etc. Everyone is welcome.
  • Post this flyer in your workroom 
  • The schedule will build itself the day of the event

Try it! You'll like it! Then join old and new #Edcamp friends at #EdcampKC Nov. 9th and #EdcampSTL Feb. 8th!

Random Acts of Kindness Principals' Challenge

Two principals challenged their teachers to perform and share "Random Acts of Kindness" throughout this school year.  They have given me permission to share this with you. I may not get all details correct but you will get the idea. Then you can tweak it for your school.

Mrs. Jennings(L) Mrs. Hyde(R)

Boswell Elementary Principals, Lael Hyde and Rachelle Jennings, kicked off their new school year with a bang! (You can find them on twitter at @Laelow1 and @rdjennings3 )At their back-to-school faculty meeting they shared a notebook that would be kept in the office. This special notebook was put in place to keep track of "random acts of kindness" throughout their school.
Nothing fancy:)

(used Skitch to blur names)

The event that caught my eye was posted to Facebook. These ladies did 12 recess duties for their teachers in one day!

Below Mrs. Jennings shares a special story about her experience that day.......

As most of you have seen already, Lael Streight Hyde and I did a Random Act of Kindness day and took ALL 12 recess duties for our teachers today at Boswell. But I have to share the BEST part of that. I was asked by a group of 4th graders to do a flip on the monkey bars. Not sure if I could still do that at my age, I said I'll have to get the courage up, so see me at afternoon recess. A 4th grade girl came up to me and told me she has always been too scared to do a flip on the monkey bars. So I made a deal with her: if I did a flip she had to try one too. And here's the "goosebumps" part....... At afternoon recess, a crowd gathered around the monkey bars to watch me attempt a flip......to which I accomplished-not very gracefully but none the less- I did it! Then it was her turn. The boys and girls cheered for her as I attempted to help her 3 times. On the fourth try she flipped all the way around the monkey bar too- and they all clapped and cheered!!! She overcame one of her fears today with a huge crowd of students cheering her on!! #tearfilledeyes #blessed

  What would happen if you initiated this challenge?

1st Facutly Meeting Resources 2013

These resources were requested a while ago. Sorry it has taken so long to post but here ya go.....

13-14BeginYearFacultyMeeting - This was a google doc that didn't embed very well.

MasteryConnect is our assessment data collection program this year. Instead of coming up with some random technology activity I wanted it to be a relevant activity. But we had no internet that day so it didn't really work out for me.

Two of my teachers led our faculty in brainstorming for Open House later this month. We went from Open House to Parent Orientation and now back to Open House. That's a whole other blog post.

We used S.W.O.T activity to process our intervention/RTI time. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. Intervention has been built into the schedule for 3 years now and we needed to revisit and reflect on it. This was actually a very powerful strategy.

Closing activity was just for fun. It was a version of this: Purses, Pockets, and Wallets

Why I Lead #SAVMP

A picture is worth a thousand words so what better way to share my answer than with a picture.
This is why I lead.....
I lead to be a role model for these beautiful girls. They can accomplish anything. (Aren't they super cute?)
I lead because I want children and teachers to have fun learning. 
I lead because the leaders before me and around me did/do such a great job I want to be like them.
I lead because I just like it. I don't have any eloquent words of wisdom or a significant life event that leads me to this place in my life. I believe there is a reason for everything. 
Thank you all for sharing your "Why I Lead" stories.  Sorry mine is late:) I'm glad you accept late work:)

New MAESP Executive Director Announcement

This is for my MO Principal friends that may not have received Jay's announcement this week:

The Missouri Association of Elementary School Principals is pleased to announce the selection of Michael Schooley, Ed.D., as the Association’s Executive Director effective October 1, 2013. Schooley will fill the vacancy created when long-time Executive Director Faye Peters announced in March that she would be retiring this year.  Peters will continue to serve as MAESP Executive Director until the transition date.
“We are very pleased that Dr. Schooley will guide the excellent work on behalf of elementary & middle school principals across this state,” said MAESP President Dr. J. Anderson. “His strong leadership experience and background as an elementary school principal give him the appropriate background to understand what is needed to successfully lead buildings, and his national experience will ensure that Missouri continues to be a front-runner state in supporting doing what's best for leading learning communities."
Prior to his appointment, Schooley served as the Deputy Executive Director of the National Association of Elementary School Principals based in Alexandria, Virginia.  He retired from the Columbia Public Schools in Columbia, MO in 2009 after 23 years there as an elementary school principal. He also worked for the St. Joseph School  District in St. Joseph Missouri as a teacher and principal.
Dr. Schooley has received numerous awards throughout his career, including the 2008 Outstanding Service Award by the Missouri Association of Elementary School Principals and the 2004 Outstanding Administrator for the Columbia Public Schools. He served on MAESP's Board of Directors for many years and served as president from 2003-2004. Schooley also served on the National Association of Elementary School Principals' Board of Directors from 2005-2008.
He earned his B.S. from Missouri Western State College, his M.S. from Northwest Missouri State University, and his Ed.D. from the University of Missouri.
“I am excited to return to Missouri and serve a professional association that had such a tremendous impact on my career as a principal," said Schooley. “MAESP must continue to invest in building the capacity of school principals, play an active role in developing future leaders, and influence a common sense educational reform agenda in Missouri that effectively utilizes the leadership of the school principal.”

J AndersonMAESP President3550 Amazonas DriveJefferson City, MO  65109maesp@maesp.com573-638-2460573-556-6270 (fax)

The Missouri Association of Elementary School Principals (MAESP) is the only statewide association in Missouri that exists for the purpose of serving the needs of elementary and middle school principals, assistant principals and those educators with an interest in becoming principals.

Back to Work To -Do List

My summer is over. Principals in my district get 6 weeks off in the summer if they do not work summer school. I have not chosen to work summer school in order to enjoy my family time. My jobs takes me away from my family physically and/or mentally so I try to guard this time in the summer.

But let me clarify......6 weeks "off" only means I do not have to report to my "school office" and supervise anything. Principals are never really "off". During my "off" weeks I still do work but it is much easier, uninterrupted, and on my time schedule.

Before I share my back to school to-do list I must share what I had planned to get done over my 6 week "vacation."

Summer To-Do's:
  • Clean up my Dropbox
  • Clean up and organize the files on my computer - I got a new Mac Mini at work in August so it's better to organize now before it gets too late.
  • Organize and relocate photos from my MacBook Air to a hard disk until I get them all uploaded to a "cloud" space I like. (Have tried Shutterfly and Flickr so far. Like them both.)
  • Move my office - This wasn't really on my list until another principal in my district moved his office. Our buildings are identical so it worked out perfectly.
  • Move my staff blog to Blogger within our Google Apps account.
  • Create a one-stop Google site for all our building documents etc.
Back to work To - Do's: (This list would have been a little shorter but I decided to spend time on some personal to do's. Clean/organize closet, my girls playroom, garage, and girls clothes.)
  • Update building schedule - The teachers are waiting for this but last year's needs a little tweaking.
  • Finalize class lists
  • Plan Chromebook training for 3rd and 4th grade teachers
  • Meet with preschool teachers
  • Finalize/approve t-shirt design for students
  • Order signs for the doors instead of having teachers make them every year......
  • Work on Flipped Faculty meeting for back-to-school meeting
  • Plan Leadership Team meeting
 And that's just the first week back! Any bets on whether or not I will get it all done????