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For those of us who are proud to call ourselves Principals we are very familiar with assemblies. You know the kind.....LOUD! The kind where we give recognition, high fives, awards, and celebrate success.

Well there is a special kind of "assembly" going on right now and it is of the heavenly kind. There are 20 little angels receiving their wings this weekend. Unfortunately their parents aren't able to be at this very special assembly. (We elementary people are good at inviting everyone to everything) but.....The Lord sent the very best in their place. He sent the principal and best teachers because they know how to have an assembly!

Doesn't that paint a better picture than the 24/7 media coverage of complete inconsistencies? The reason I am able to look at this through the lens of faith might be that I just finished reading Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo. After this weekend's events I highly recommend the book. Like read it! I am serious. It paints a beautiful picture of Heaven.

Words are not coming for me so I am borrowing the words from my other Principal friends. Many of you can speak much more eloquently than I can. Just like teachers are always borrowing ideas, I hope you all don't mind that we share each others strength and wisdom.

Below is a link to a public Google document.(If your district blocs Google I am sorry.) I have copy and pasted various blog posts from today that might contain wording that could be used to send a memo to a school community. It has been good to have the weekend to try to respond to this. If I had to respond overnight I don't know that I could even compose a readable or sensible document.

Hopefully we can all string together some of the words found here and sensibly communicate with our school communities.

Peace and strength be with you this week as you take back your school! And may God be with the families whose children did not come home from school Dec. 14th.

CT Tragedy Resources for Principals   <--click click--="click--" here="here">

Credit given to:
Joe Mazza
Scot Graden
Peter DeWitt
Angela Maiers