Faculty Meeting/PD Exit Ticket Idea

Our staff has been using the strategy of "exit tickets" for a couple years now. It was a strategy we were mostly implementing in our special area classes, Art, Music, P.E., Library, and Computer. It was our way of making sure students were getting as much writing processing as possible.

I usually remember exit tickets after-the-fact and don't have them ready for the meetings but I do try. This week I was ready! I found this idea on Pinterest but it was not linked to a blog to share. When clicked on in Pinterest it was just a photo. So if you are reading this and recognize this please take credit in the comment area and I will make sure you are credited.

Back story: Our Leadership Team has been trained in the Adaptive Schools practices. During this meeting we covered the 7 Norms of Collaboration:
  1. Pausing
  2. Paraphrasing
  3. Posing Questions
  4. Putting ideas on the table
  5. Providing Data
  6. Paying attention to self and others
  7. Presuming Positive Intentions