MAESP Conference Survey

Hello Southwest District!
Hopefully everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and is headed into the downhill slide to the new year! I did my first ever Turkey Trot, (okay I walked but I did it:) and I highly recommend it. Lots of fun! Both of my children beat me so I lost to a 4 year old and 7 year old. That is pretty humbling. You will be happy to know that Mrs. Crighton-Smith - Willard South Principal, Mrs. Angela Stevens - Willard North Principal, and Dr. Bishop - Willard Orchard Hills Principal were all there too!!! Many of you probably did a Turkey Trot and my hat is off to you.

And now onto a pressing issue for us....by us I mean SWMAESP.

We need your feedback. The MAESP Executive Committee meets Monday Dec. 3rd and we will continue our discussion about Spring Conference. We have been discussing ways to increase attendance and make this more appealing to our principal friends. If you could fill out the SHORT survey below we would appreciate it. Like I said it is SHORT. Do not walk away from this post until you have completed the survey! I will know. :) Of course I am kidding. Okay, not really.....FILL IT OUT! It's even a festive Christmas theme so you will feel guilty if you don't fill it out.

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