MAESP Conference Survey

Hello Southwest District!
Hopefully everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and is headed into the downhill slide to the new year! I did my first ever Turkey Trot, (okay I walked but I did it:) and I highly recommend it. Lots of fun! Both of my children beat me so I lost to a 4 year old and 7 year old. That is pretty humbling. You will be happy to know that Mrs. Crighton-Smith - Willard South Principal, Mrs. Angela Stevens - Willard North Principal, and Dr. Bishop - Willard Orchard Hills Principal were all there too!!! Many of you probably did a Turkey Trot and my hat is off to you.

And now onto a pressing issue for us....by us I mean SWMAESP.

We need your feedback. The MAESP Executive Committee meets Monday Dec. 3rd and we will continue our discussion about Spring Conference. We have been discussing ways to increase attendance and make this more appealing to our principal friends. If you could fill out the SHORT survey below we would appreciate it. Like I said it is SHORT. Do not walk away from this post until you have completed the survey! I will know. :) Of course I am kidding. Okay, not really.....FILL IT OUT! It's even a festive Christmas theme so you will feel guilty if you don't fill it out.

Newsletter Nuisance

What on earth do you include in a paper newsletter when you have a blog and school Facebook page? I struggle with this every month. It actually drives me crazy.

Last year, and the beginning of this year, I tried to get away from sending home a paper newsletter. But it seems like a nice service to provide families. We also use a Google calendar but I still do a paper calendar. It's crazy! I feel like I am over-communicating even though I know there is no such thing.

Ok, I guess I don't know if ALL parents would like a paper copy. I appreciate the paper copies I get from Thing 2's preschool. And the calendar and newsletter are posted on our fridge at home.

So I am starting my "drafting and revising" process that will last all week before I make the final copy and send it home. I even googled "elementary school newsletters" so I could see what other schools include in their newsletters. They are all the same. Maybe not the exact "same" but pretty close.

Does anyone have a newsletter "checklist?" All the processes you check off as you write the paper copy, blog, Facebook??? I can't keep track!

Thankful for my Principal Friends

As the weekend winds to a close I just wanted to say THANKS to all my principal friends, aspiring principal friends, and teachers who read this blog. Some of you I've met face-to-face while others it will always feel like we have known each other our whole careers.  Many of you have commented here, emailed me, skyped me, and/or tweeted me such great help and ideas I do not know how to thank you.

What started as a simple blog to share and archive my ideas has become such a wonderful network of friends and colleagues. I never knew how much I would learn and grow by keeping up with this little blog of mine:)
Happy Holidays!

Tree of H.U.G.S.

This is our way of collecting for our holiday drive........

Hats, Underwear, Gloves, & Scarves

Thanksgiving in the Workroom

Now here's an idea you can use tomorrow!

Usually I write a Thanksgiving note/letter to my teachers. Some years I give them a little treat of some kind.
Our school district always provides each staff member a free ham/turkey dinner the day before break. Just a little bit of decoration can spice this up. This year my treat will be a hot chocolate bar with all the trimmings. In the morning they can treat themselves to a hot chocolate treat then for lunch they will enjoy a free lunch compliments of the district.

Treat for SWMAESP Meeting

"Borrowed" this idea from Springfield MAESP:)

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