My Mini-Observation Process this Month

 Mini-observation Memo I sent my teachers. This is after reading the book "Leverage Leadership."
I created a tentative calendar of observations for October so I have to stick to it:)

 October = Round 2 Mini-Observations

Holy cow it's October already!!!  

Mini-observation update: If you are a special class/area teacher and you have not been observed yet, do not fret! The form that I use does not necessarily work in your setting. I am working on that. All other certified teachers should have one mini-observation in the observation system. (Let me know if you cannot find yours or have not seen it yet.)  

Feedback: EVERYTHING we read these days is about the value feedback. You are probably giving your students more feedback too. Mini-observation #1 feedback was in the observation program when you logged on to electronically sign it. This gave me a chance to work out all the kinks in the software program. Some of you commented back and some didn't. There are still some bugs to be worked out. Mini observation #2 your feedback is going to be face-to-face in a feedback conversation. (Keep in mind I have to do SEVEN of these this year so it's going to look a little different each time.:) 

This feedback should be valuable and important to you. So before you read any further in this memo you HAVE TO fill out this short form: (I am not kidding! Do not go any further until you fill this out. I will know. I will make you do lunch doodie. Don't scroll! I see you!)

I will try to come in during the time you would like. I will try to stay until I have observed what you would like feedback regarding. Fair? yep! Here is how this will look: (I hope)
  • Step One: I will observe you. (7-10 min.)
  • Step Two: I will NOT "save and submit" your form in "TalentEd" software. I will just "save" so we can write on it during our feedback conversation. (I am not sure if it will send you an email notification. But I think you can log in and see what I wrote.)
  • Step Three: We have a 10-15 min. feedback conversation the following day. (Before, During, After school - whatever works)
  • Step Four: I will "submit" the mini-observation. That should save it and send you an email to electronically sign it.
Good grief! Why are you telling us all this???? I do not want you to FREAK OUT about this!!! It's all about learning and I am a learner too. I have to do this SEVEN times so I get to change my mind SEVEN times this year:):)


  1. Are you using the new DESE model or the Mizzou model?

  2. Sorry it took me so long to respond to this but we have a home-grown model. I was not on the committee but I think it is comparable to one of those.