My Mini-Observation Process this Month

 Mini-observation Memo I sent my teachers. This is after reading the book "Leverage Leadership."
I created a tentative calendar of observations for October so I have to stick to it:)

 October = Round 2 Mini-Observations

Holy cow it's October already!!!  

Mini-observation update: If you are a special class/area teacher and you have not been observed yet, do not fret! The form that I use does not necessarily work in your setting. I am working on that. All other certified teachers should have one mini-observation in the observation system. (Let me know if you cannot find yours or have not seen it yet.)  

Feedback: EVERYTHING we read these days is about the value feedback. You are probably giving your students more feedback too. Mini-observation #1 feedback was in the observation program when you logged on to electronically sign it. This gave me a chance to work out all the kinks in the software program. Some of you commented back and some didn't. There are still some bugs to be worked out. Mini observation #2 your feedback is going to be face-to-face in a feedback conversation. (Keep in mind I have to do SEVEN of these this year so it's going to look a little different each time.:) 

This feedback should be valuable and important to you. So before you read any further in this memo you HAVE TO fill out this short form: (I am not kidding! Do not go any further until you fill this out. I will know. I will make you do lunch doodie. Don't scroll! I see you!)

I will try to come in during the time you would like. I will try to stay until I have observed what you would like feedback regarding. Fair? yep! Here is how this will look: (I hope)
  • Step One: I will observe you. (7-10 min.)
  • Step Two: I will NOT "save and submit" your form in "TalentEd" software. I will just "save" so we can write on it during our feedback conversation. (I am not sure if it will send you an email notification. But I think you can log in and see what I wrote.)
  • Step Three: We have a 10-15 min. feedback conversation the following day. (Before, During, After school - whatever works)
  • Step Four: I will "submit" the mini-observation. That should save it and send you an email to electronically sign it.
Good grief! Why are you telling us all this???? I do not want you to FREAK OUT about this!!! It's all about learning and I am a learner too. I have to do this SEVEN times so I get to change my mind SEVEN times this year:):)

Teachers pay Teachers - You should try it!!

Long gone are the days that Teachers pay Teachers had a bad rap. I remember the argument but not who started it, "Teachers should just share and not charge for their stuff." So who does that!!!  And what entrepreneurial model does that follow?

My teachers LOVE IT!!! And even a couple have accounts and will be offering their great ideas.

Why not keep the money in the hands of the teachers instead of the publishing companies? These activities are awesome and completely reasonably priced. I have purchased a few myself and I am a principal! Crazy I know:)

If you haven't looked at Teachers pay Teachers in a while you are missing out!!!

But don't take my word for it.......
Link to video

Evidence-based Questioning

These are our anchor charts from an activity we did this morning working on ELA CCCS:)



Blogsy App

Still looking for that magic blogging app. Trying Blogsy tonight because it is compatible with the app TextExpander.

R.I.P Little Brother
Practicing adding pictures. This is a shadow box of my late brothers belongings. He was killed in a motorcycle accident one year ago Sept. 11th. Couldn't find the words for an eloquent post earlier in the week so this will have to do.

Blogging with Students Again in 2012

This week I worked with a 3rd grade class on blogging. This is the 2nd year I have done this activity and I really enjoy it!
My anchor chart:

My paper blog example:

Student examples:

Link to resources

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SWMAESP Excecutive Meeting Documents

Last year I agreed to be the Vice President of SWMAESP. (Southwest Missouri Association of Elementary School Principals) My good friend Mike Dawson was going to be the President but he got an Asst. Supt. job and completely abandoned me! Of course I am kidding. I am very happy for Mike and he has checked in with me already.
In the spirit of high quality communication I am storing my documents here so I can pull them up at a moments notice.

Meeting Agenda

Southwest Missouri Subdistricts

2012-2013 Officers Why Join???