Personality Trait Activity with Staff - FUN!

In order to get to know each other better we did a personality trait activity at our back-to-school staff meeting. Of course this is not a research based tried and tested activity but it was fun to see where everyone fell according to their self-assessments. We laughed a lot!

Acting - "Let's do it!" 
Likes to try things, likes to act, plunges in:)

Caring, likes know that everyone's feelings have been taken into consideration and their voices heard before taking action.
Likes to look at the big picture, the possibilities, before acting.

Paying attention to details. Likes to know the who, what, when, where before acting.

Each poster was divided into 4 sections. After everyone found their group they had to fill out the following 4 sections:
  1. 4 adjectives that describe your groups strengths
  2. 4 adjectives that describe your groups limitations
  3. What style/group do we find the most difficult to work with?
  4. What do other groups need to know about us to be able to work better with us?
Feel free to use this activity with your staff:) Lots of fun!


  1. Great activity... What did they use to place themselves in groups?

  2. They picked the one that fit them the best. So if you look at the "north" definition, all the teachers who fit that description went to that poster. As you can see a lot of my staff is North:):)