"Flipped Faculty Meeting" 2012

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This is my first attempt at a "Flipped Faculty Meeting"! What better meeting to "flip" than your first meeting when you have to cover so much "content" that teachers can read on their own? The videos are a little "tongue and cheak" and meant to be funny.
I cannot take all the credit for this. When I mentioned my idea to another principal in the district SHE DID ALL THE WORK!! I used the videos she found and changed the content of the meeting to fit my staff/building. Other than that, I used her format. THANKS ANGELA!!!

Many of you have probably heard the term "flipped classroom." The idea behind this is that students (in our case teachers) can get the content of the information on their own then come to class and apply the knowledge. So we are going to try it!!! Below you will find a link with all the nuts and bolts of our usual beginning of the year Faculty Meeting. Information that has changed is in red text.
In the past we have gone over this bullet by bullet. This year I am allowing you to read and consume this information on your own time. You have an iPad AND Laptop to do this. If you do not have either of these or a personal computer at home. You can check out a Netbook from Mrs. Miller in the Library next week. Matt Rosebrough is planning an exciting introductory activity when you return Monday August 13th to review this information and make sure everyone is clear about the key points.
Hopefully you will enjoy this format! This is meant to present this information in a lighter tone than the usual lecture format:) I hope that you find some humor in some of the video additions to the information.

You are responsible for all this content! Participation is mandatory. You have until August 13th to complete this assignment. You will sign off that you have learned all of this information.


1. Please enjoy the first few minutes of this video and you think about dress code. Please read about our dress code in the teacher handbook.( Click here and read about Dress Code.)

2. Don't let this happen to you! (See information regarding work hours.

The Real Reason - Demotivational Poster 

 3. Classroom Management is very important. My how things have changed since 1947! After viewing the first few minutes of this video please refer to the "student discipline" section

4. Make sure you are alert on the playground at all times. We have been a little to relaxed by sitting on the benches and not watching the entire perimeter of the playground. You will need to practice/model appropriate playground behavior for the students. This could happen to anyone...........(Please find information regarding playground supervision here)

5. First Day of School!!! What are you going to do to make the day memorable for your students? When mom and dad ask, "How was your first day of school?" Their child will say..............? You do not need to introduce me on the first day. I will pop in and out to see if you need anything. I will introduce myself to the students when I meet with them in our grade level times the 2nd week of school. On the first 2 days I will direct the students to pay attention to you.


  1. Melinda this is awesome! I love it. The videos are great. I like how you said to watch the first few minutes and then refer to your policy.

    I think that is really great because it gives the teachers something fun and entertaining, that they can talk about, but also sets a good expectation that they will watch at least some of the video, but the important stuff is in the faculty handbook.

  2. Thanks Jethro! So far the feedback has been really good. My Teaching Specialist has a quick review activity to do just to hit the high points but that will be it. I usually spend way too much time on things they can read on their own.

  3. Melinda, this post is fabulous! How awesome for you to lead your team by example. All my best to you and your campus this school year!

  4. Melinda, this is Trae again. No need to post this comment. I just wanted you to know who I am. I'm the Chief Learning Officer for the Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association. I handle all things technology, and I came across your blog. Just wanted to applaud your efforts! We need more principals like you.

  5. Thank you for the kind words! Of course I am going to publish this comment. What if my boss comes across this and needs to know I am good at my job:):):)

  6. Hi Melinda! Thanks for posting this. I am in the process of flipping staff meeting and also some of the communication home with parents. I think it is a great idea and I look forward to see where it will take all of us! I am going to blog about it on my post and share some of the details after I get it going next week. Take care!