Begin Year & Faculty Meeting Anchor Charts

Here are some of our agendas and notes from the first days of school meetings:
We are going through Adaptive Schools Training and brought back some information from our summer training. The Working Agreements are from last year and we are going to tweak these.
When our Leadership Team met we were trying to determine what to put in our grade level binders/data binders. This was our brainstorming list. It's just a start.
As our family structures evolve so do our school structures. We are trying to determine a new/better direction for our PTO. We are in the middle of discussing what could be PTO related and what can be Volunteer Program assigned. Another work in progress and these are the brainstorming notes from our first session.

My new blogging strategy is just to take pictures because I am so short on time lately:) We will see how affective this is:)