"No More Monkeys Jumping On My.....Head?" (Book Review)

Yep! You read that right....I said HEAD!

But I found a solution. Shifting the Monkey by Todd Whitaker.

How many monkeys do you take off the backs of others? I can tell you that I take plenty. My children's, my husband's, my friends, my teachers', co-workers, etc. It's no wonder I suffer from headaches!

Sometimes the monkey should have been mine from the beginning and I gave it away. I will gladly take those back and clean up my own messes. I am talking about when I think I am doing someone a favor by taking over there problems or assignments. This is not helpful for them or for me. Most of the time the "monkeys" that visit my office at work just need a rest and/or to vent. Teachers work so hard that I think that I am helping them by taking their monkeys. Small or large it doesn't matter. I will take them all if it helps a teacher feel less stressed.

But it's not about that. I am discovering that most of the time people just want to talk. Even my staff survey said I need to be a better listener. So instead of taking care of everyone's monkeys I need to listen.


  1. You do a great job of listening as people "just talk". Your staff appreciates this about you.

  2. Thanks Anonymous:):):) Very thoughtful of you.