Digital Book Study - Classroom Instruction.....2nd edition

One of the other principals in my district came up with the idea of a digital book study! This is such a great idea I would love to hear how other principals have done this type of thing? Google doc? Wiki? (I posted a schedule of chapters for teachers to sign up to post. However I am using my iPad and and unreliable blog app so I am afraid to exit the app and copy/paste:) (This is cross-posted on my staff blog.)  Welcome to our digital summer book study 2012! Thank you Josh for volunteering Chapter 7. Do I have any volunteers to send me reflections for chapters 2 & 3 next week??? Try it! You'll like it! Here is how it works.... My reflections from Chapter 1: Setting objectives: *Research shows that telling your students what they are going to learn improves their achievement in that area. *When I think back to teaching 5th grade I remember we always wrote objective on the board. For me, this was good so I could refer to it often. I think I could have done a better job of wording the objectives more kid-friendly. This chapter talks about using kid-friendly language. *Objectives hold not be too broad or too specific. *Somtimes I know I would get busy and forget to tell the kids what we were going to learn. I'd have them get their math books out and just start teaching and then think, oh yea, "Today you are going to learn about......" most of the time I told them what were going to learn but I knew when I forgot to tell them:) I'd get that blank stair over my head. *Something else mentioned in the chapter was to post your objectives to your website for other parents, the students, and other teachers could see. I know that when Tillie would post something specific I could ask Alyson more specific questions about her learning. Providing Feedback: (I read this part through the lens of the principal and how to give teachers quality/better feedback.) *Talk about what's going well and give next steps ideas. *Feedback needs to be timely.(within 24 hours if possible??) *Students(teachers) provide their own feedback or provide feedback to their peers. Love this idea to use during collaboration time! *Students could provide each other feedback on their posts on kidblog. See! That was easy! Who's next? Chapter 2? - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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