Professional Development Choices Today June 23

There are so many PD choices today I never know how to choose. I want to learn about ALL the innovations in education so it is always hard to choose just one. Sometimes I will listen to a little bit of one podcast, watch a portion of a tutorial video, skim blogs, scroll through twitter, scan my google reader....there is just so much!!!


Bathroom PD = Mastery Connect tutorial videos - You can learn about Mastery Connect here. I was introduced to Mastery Connect as an assessment tool to enter our district assessments to be easily scored. Ok, I am not kidding students can enter their answers on a "bubble sheet" and it can be scored by holding up to the camera on your computer. OR, they can answer questions easily on an iPad, iPod, or computer. Still looking it over but has awesome possibilities.

Workout PD = TeacherCast Podcast - EdCamp Leadership episode.  After attending EdCampSTL I was interested in what it takes to put one of these together.

What/how are you learning this summer?

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