Looking Forward to Photostream Sharing in iOS6

At least one teacher in each of my grade levels has an iPhone. I think. No, I'm pretty sure. If I can convince them all to make sure to upgrade this summer we may have found a solution to photo sharing when iOS 6 releases!

Photo sharing pre-iOS 6:

*Everyone, parents included, burn pics to CDs and I have dozens of unmarked CDs.
*Everyone hands me their camera SD cards to load pics to the server and then I have to remember whose camera card I have. (BTW-I still have 2 unidentified cards if you are missing yours:)
*Emailing pictures. Oh geez, this is a complete nightmare. Files are too big and get blocked by the filter. There are tons of different emailing clients sending me pics. I have to remember to open the email and actually print or save the pics.

So will the ability to start a Willard East Photostream solve all the challenges??? It sure can't hurt.

How does your school share photos?