Looking Forward to Photostream Sharing in iOS6

At least one teacher in each of my grade levels has an iPhone. I think. No, I'm pretty sure. If I can convince them all to make sure to upgrade this summer we may have found a solution to photo sharing when iOS 6 releases!

Photo sharing pre-iOS 6:

*Everyone, parents included, burn pics to CDs and I have dozens of unmarked CDs.
*Everyone hands me their camera SD cards to load pics to the server and then I have to remember whose camera card I have. (BTW-I still have 2 unidentified cards if you are missing yours:)
*Emailing pictures. Oh geez, this is a complete nightmare. Files are too big and get blocked by the filter. There are tons of different emailing clients sending me pics. I have to remember to open the email and actually print or save the pics.

So will the ability to start a Willard East Photostream solve all the challenges??? It sure can't hurt.

How does your school share photos?


  1. I am the "photographer" at my school. I keep all pics on one memory stick and then we pass that stick around to whomever needs it. It is a handy way of storing however we have to remember to also store the pics on a computer in case something happens to the stick.

  2. We have a folder on our campus public server that everyone on campus has access. A folder is created each year titled with the school year. Teachers create their own folder or create a campus activity folder within the main folder and upload pictures relating to their classroom or the campus activity into its respective folder. This works great when needing pictures for the school website, yearbook, or anywhere we need campus photos. It works great!
    We don't have to worry about emailing pictures or exchanging cd's etc... :) Hope this helps!

  3. Great ideas ladies! I hate to admit that I have not been using the pictures stored on our server for websites etc. I cannot believe I have been looking for and or taking my own pictures all this time. That will definitely make my life easier:)