My Podcast List

This certainly isn't an all inclusive list but....on of my teachers asked me about podcasts I subscribe to mad the easiest thing to do at the time was to take screenshots of my iPhone podcast screen.

Keep in mind I don't even think to update these until I am at the gym getting ready to get on the treadmill. So some are outdated. If the podcast episode I choose isn't applicable or I lose interest, I have to just switched to my workout playlist of songs. I am somewhat accident prone and not coordinated enough to make intellectual learning decisions while hyperventilating on level 1 of the stair master!

If I were not getting my nails done right now I would actually link all of these but surely you can lower your expectations for the summer, right? :)

(Tune in for an updated version of this post with the new Apple Podcasts app)

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Professional Development Choices Today June 23

There are so many PD choices today I never know how to choose. I want to learn about ALL the innovations in education so it is always hard to choose just one. Sometimes I will listen to a little bit of one podcast, watch a portion of a tutorial video, skim blogs, scroll through twitter, scan my google reader....there is just so much!!!


Bathroom PD = Mastery Connect tutorial videos - You can learn about Mastery Connect here. I was introduced to Mastery Connect as an assessment tool to enter our district assessments to be easily scored. Ok, I am not kidding students can enter their answers on a "bubble sheet" and it can be scored by holding up to the camera on your computer. OR, they can answer questions easily on an iPad, iPod, or computer. Still looking it over but has awesome possibilities.

Workout PD = TeacherCast Podcast - EdCamp Leadership episode.  After attending EdCampSTL I was interested in what it takes to put one of these together.

What/how are you learning this summer?

Looking Forward to Photostream Sharing in iOS6

At least one teacher in each of my grade levels has an iPhone. I think. No, I'm pretty sure. If I can convince them all to make sure to upgrade this summer we may have found a solution to photo sharing when iOS 6 releases!

Photo sharing pre-iOS 6:

*Everyone, parents included, burn pics to CDs and I have dozens of unmarked CDs.
*Everyone hands me their camera SD cards to load pics to the server and then I have to remember whose camera card I have. (BTW-I still have 2 unidentified cards if you are missing yours:)
*Emailing pictures. Oh geez, this is a complete nightmare. Files are too big and get blocked by the filter. There are tons of different emailing clients sending me pics. I have to remember to open the email and actually print or save the pics.

So will the ability to start a Willard East Photostream solve all the challenges??? It sure can't hurt.

How does your school share photos?

Record Your iPhone or iPad Screen

If you want to record iPad and/or iPod tutorials for students and/or teachers have I found the app for you! Ok, so I didn't find this but it just came across my twitter feed. It's called Display Recorder.

YouTube Video

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2012 Summer Blog Challenge Throw Down!

Bill Carroza (@wcarozza) over at "Principal Reflections" sneaks in a blog challenge in his post "5 Reasons Educators Should Blog." Then my twitter friends @fliegs and @principalj throw me under the bus by challenging me on twitter! So what is a girl to do but call them out and be the first to post! Ha ha! (So I discovered I'm not first:()

So who wants to join us? Only 2 posts a week, come one we can all commit to at least 2.

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Bathroom PD

B.C. (before children) I could participate in all the live educational webcasts I wanted to. Now A.C. (after children) I am lucky to listen to half of the shows I love. Since I am not one to "throw in the towel" this is my morning learning set up.....

You can see that while I get ready in the morning I can watch my choice of PD for the day!

On this particular morning I was watching a Classroom 2.0 Live session on the Flipped Classroom. I would like to do some Flipped PD for my begin year faculty meeting.

Some of my favorite shows are found here:
Seedlings was on my first live shows a few years ago:)

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"The 50 Best Blogs........."

There are a lot of these lists out there and I read all of them. I did find a couple of new ones on this list to start to follow in my reader. And I sent a couple to my school counselor. This list also contains some of my favorite blogs to read.
Is anyone else's "reader" getting low on things to read? Guilty! I need to catch up on my posting. Do you have lots of ideas and just can't/don't take the time to put them out there? Me too!

The 50 Best Blogs for Future Teachers