Looking for EASIEST way to publish student recordings???

I am looking for the EASIEST way to publish students voice recordings online. Like 2-3 steps at the most. This is not for me but to model for my teachers and/or give them the easiest possible tool.
Here is what I have tried:
  • Audacity - Took me a long time to figure out but once I did I can create/edit semi-professional-like podcasts. Too complicated for teachers.
  • Evernote - Can record voice memos into Evernote, then have to email from Evernote, then download and save, then upload somewhere....CRAZY!
  • iPhone voice memos - Again, you have to record, then email to yourself, then download and re-upload to the web. CRAZY again
How about iPadio?
  • Each teacher has a phone in his/her classroom and teacher could post directions by the phone. Students could do this as part of Daily 5.
  • All teachers have iPads and most have iPhones and can use the iPadio app.
  • If not the app just use the cell phone to call your iPadio number.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. When I saw your post in Reader I was wondering why Evernote is so hard, tape it and then share the note, but iPadio is soooo much better. Thanks for turning me on to this. I will definitely use this.