NAESP Spring Conferece - Here we come!

Just downloaded the 60 page final program from the NAESP website to my iPad. I have 2 1/2 weeks to look this over and make notes in iAnnotatePDF App.  This will be my first NAESP conference and I have to say I am excited and reserved about the whole experience. Lord knows I don't need to bring back any more work for my teachers! My teachers will hope for a snow storm so I can't go:)

So, I need to go with the perspective of learning what I can do to sustain improvement and help them work smarter not harder. If you are building principal and you cannot find an "initiative" to meet one of your bazillion school needs then you must have your head in the ground. But..... in today's environment, if you bring one more thing into your better find one - five things you can do away with.

So here is to #NAESP12 and my travels with Mrs. Crighton-Smith and Dr. Bishop to Seattle, WA!!!

2012 NAESP Conference Program Book