Spring Cleaning - Unsubscribe Week

Unsubscribing to email lists has actually taken me TWO weeks instead of the original one week I had scheduled.

In 2010 I attended the Google Teacher Academy and I believe it was Kern Kelly that talked about taking the time to unsubscribe from email lists. So in April of 2010 I had my first email "Spring Cleaning." Two years later I am at it again.
My email is FULL of email that I cannot remember if I signed up for or not. So for the last two weeks I have opened all the email that I get regularly and do not read, scrolled to bottom of the email, and followed the "unsubscribe" directions or links. One week was all I hope this would take but now it is the end of the 2nd week. Errrr!!!!

  • I will quit subscribing to ANYTHING! I just don't have time even when it looks like a great subscription.
  • So far, I have not been tricked by spam into clicking on a link to take me somewhere to get spammed.
  • I am almost to a point of marking some of it spam just so I don't have to take the time to scroll to the bottom and interpret how these companies want me to "unsubscribe."
  • BTW - It is not usually the sending company that sends the email. They have contracted out to a host and give my email to a business that blasts emails as their job.
  • 2 weeks of this is about all I can take. I'll "spring clean" again next year.
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