Part 2 - The Myth of Paperlessness cont'd

It has been a month since I went back to the "binder method" of organization. So far so good.  I have the right paperwork in the binder. Things I refer to regularly are in the right place now. I choose the binder because I don't have room for this:

Below are screenshots of the notes apps that I have on my iPad and iPhone.

iPad first....

Notes, that came with iPad is now my go to app. I have sync'd both iPhone and iPad Notes in the cloud so I have all my notes on both devices. I can email my notes to Evernote or anyone else for that matter.

Noteshelf is still my favorite because I can customize the entire notebook. Customized paper and customized cover. The problem was that I was so obsessed with the "cute factor" I can't find anything in my notebooks. (You can also export these notes to Evernote.)

Evernote is my file cabinet. It is an icon of it's own on my dock. You can see it in the bottom left had corner. Be sure you follow @evernoteschools.
As you can see I have a ridiculous amount of notebooks.

iPhone Notes Apps:
Again, I have started using the Notes app that was already on the phone. However, I did download some "handwriting" apps just because they looked fun. I am just not fast enough to take notes on these devices when things happen so quickly in my job.

It is also socially awkward to whip out your phone in the middle of a conversation and start typing notes. It could appear that you are texting or answering texts messages. So I always say that I am going to take notes on my phone before I start.

Still more to do:
  • I would like to go through and scan all the binders I have kept over the years and free up some office space.
  • There are two very big file cabinets in my office that need to be scanned.

Fabulous February Grand Finale - QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Fabulous February has become a tradition at a few elementary buildings in my district. So far this year:
  • Feb. 3rd = "Souper" Bowl: Teachers brought in soup and all the fixings for lunch
  • Feb. 10th = Secret Pal Week
  • Feb. 17th = Bargain Hunting: Each teacher was given $1 and had to find the best bargain over their lunch break.(It was a PD day.) I highly recommend this one! Hilarious
  • Feb. 24th = QR Code Scavenger Hunt: (See below)
This took me about 1 hour to make and my school nurse helped. So it wasn't a hard activity to plan. Below is the scavenger hunt directions and some pictures to help see how this worked in case you would like to try it.

        QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Spring Cleaning - Unsubscribe Week

Unsubscribing to email lists has actually taken me TWO weeks instead of the original one week I had scheduled.

In 2010 I attended the Google Teacher Academy and I believe it was Kern Kelly that talked about taking the time to unsubscribe from email lists. So in April of 2010 I had my first email "Spring Cleaning." Two years later I am at it again.
My email is FULL of email that I cannot remember if I signed up for or not. So for the last two weeks I have opened all the email that I get regularly and do not read, scrolled to bottom of the email, and followed the "unsubscribe" directions or links. One week was all I hope this would take but now it is the end of the 2nd week. Errrr!!!!

  • I will quit subscribing to ANYTHING! I just don't have time even when it looks like a great subscription.
  • So far, I have not been tricked by spam into clicking on a link to take me somewhere to get spammed.
  • I am almost to a point of marking some of it spam just so I don't have to take the time to scroll to the bottom and interpret how these companies want me to "unsubscribe."
  • BTW - It is not usually the sending company that sends the email. They have contracted out to a host and give my email to a business that blasts emails as their job.
  • 2 weeks of this is about all I can take. I'll "spring clean" again next year.
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SW MAESP Meeting Reminder

This post is to remind you about our upcoming meeting on Tuesday Feb. 21st. It's not too late to sign up! Please scroll down to the post before this one and sign up that you will be attending. I have also posted a link to a Google map with directions to Willard East.
Lifetouch will be providing a light snack.

Agenda update:
1:00-1:30: General Business
1:30-2:00: Lifetouch Memory Mission Presentation - Dr. Bishop
2:00-2:15: OERI "Road to 1:1" Update: Dr. Kent Medlin
2:15-3:00: iPads in Administration
  • Evernote
  • Creating video
  • Daily Notes
  • eWalk
You will be able to hook your iPad up to the projector and showcase any app that you would like.


Click here for directions to Willard East