The Myth of Paperlessness - Part 1

After at least 3 years of trying to go paperless, I am throwing in the towel. Well sort of. I think I have tried ALL the "notes" apps for the iPad and can never remember if I saved something in a notes app, Evernote, or Google docs. In my fast-paced work and personal life I need to be able to find things quickly and I appear unorganized when I start clicking through apps to find something. I can also write something down faster than I can open an app, title it, and enter something. So I have settled on a few "apps" and tools.........

First the 3-ring binder is back! Don't freak out, I still use the ipad and my iphone for note-taking etc.

Back to the binder! This is probably shocking but there are just some things in paper form that I need access to ALL THE TIME and quickly.
I just went back to the binder last week so I will be tweaking what I keep in it.

Daily Documention = My arm is covering up my daily calendar print out where I keep all my daily documentation.

Misc. = "Inbox" of papers that come in all day. Emptied every Friday.
Staff List = Copies of the staff list to use a check off for various staff assignments. About 10 copies here.
PTO = Upcoming flyer copies from last year that I will recreate for this year.
Monday Early-outs = My schedule of meetings for Mondays. 2nd semester at a glance.
90/90/90 Study = We reference this at various meetings
Behavior Support = Packet I gave staff at beginning of year.
Summative Evaluation = To reference when needed. It's new this year so I need to be able to look at it frequently.

(Sidebar - I bedazzled my binder too:) Since I never have time for scrapbooking at least I can personalize my binder:))

iPad 3-ring binder cover - Fits in my iPad in my binder:)

This post is titled "Part 1" because there is actually more to the story and I hope to eventually post the rest:) All the "notes" apps should be Part 2.