Evernote Still a Favorite

Many blog posts I come across this time of year have to do with setting New Year's Resolutions. One of the number one resolutions that comes up over and over is to be more organized. There is the visual organization of my office appearance. Then there is the paper clutter organization. I solved the "visual" organization the past two days by putting all my crap in the office next to mine. My office looks great but know I have to organize the other room too!

For paper organization Evernote still remains one of my all time favorites.  It has been around for a while and I have tried other systems, apps, software, etc. But I always come back to Evernote. My current uses for Evernote are as follows:

  • Using my Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner to scan in all lose papers. Small stacks of 8-10 sheets.
  • The big printer in the office can "scan to email" so I have my evernote email with the contacts of the office printer and can scan larger stacks of paper through that printer. (Exception: The office copier does not scan 2-sided like the ScanSnap. Can only scan to email one sided documents.)
  • Random notes: I have 2 monitors and Evernote is always open on my 2nd monitor in case I want to add a quick note (has to be important info that I know I will want come back to)
  • Searching for documents: The "search" component of Evernote is very precise. See below: (This is an anchor chart with "reading" written on a post-it note. I searched for the word "reading" and 132 of my "notes" had that word:)
  • Taking pictures of anything with words that I may want to recreate or share with teachers.
How do you use Evernote?

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