Below is a post I shared on my staff blog for my teachers. I have found the shorter the better even though there is so much to say about Pinteret or any other topic I bring up:):)

Hopefully you are enjoying your time off! Due to all the traveling we have been doing I have extra time to be on my phone, ipad, or computer in the car.(When I am not driving of course!:) Most of you have heard of or mentioned Pinterest but if you have not taken full advantage of it I might suggest that you take a second look. 
Matt showed me Pinterest a couple months ago and it became my new late night "hobby." Meaning whenever I was putting my kids to bed I was on Pinterest:) Below is a screen capture of some my "boards" (like a bulletin board of my favorite stuff.)You will notice that there are both personal and professional "pins." Don't look too close or some of the ideas I have for you guys wont be a surprise:):) 
It is exciting to see how many teachers share their ideas with the world through personal blogs and websites. Some teachers put all their lessons, pictures of their classrooms, crafts, organizational tips out there for everyone to see! Any one of you could share all your ideas with the world too. 
Well, if you have time to explore I suggest exploring Pinterest!!! 
You may now return to your regularly scheduled Christmas break!!!
See you soon.


  1. Your boards look great. Could I follow your boards? I am a principal too and would like to share some of your ideas and start to create some boards to share with my staff.

  2. Suz, Yes absolutely follow my boards! I can't keep track of who follows them so go right ahead. Once you create some boards let me know and I will follow yours too.

  3. Would love to follow but cant find you on Pinterest... help!?

  4. My Pinterest is not linked to my Facebook so it is just mmiller7571. Let me know if you can find it under that user name.