Golden GermX Award

October can be a long month for teachers. The honeymoon period for behavior is over and the kids are restless. Then there are P/T Conferences and Fall Parties AND the time change.

Sooooooooo.....to liven things up a little bit my counselor and I came up with some "fun" awards/recognition "tropies" to be passed around the building on a weekly basis.

The Schmop: This is along story but this is the mother of all awards! I can be for good or bad or fun or whatever. Currently my speech teachers holds onto the Schmop because her father died last week.
This is a real feather duster with a construction paper face that was give to me as a joke and I am paying it forward:)

The Golden GermX Award: Originally this was going to be painted gold and/or wrapped in gold and put on a gold pedastal but the green plaster really made the award. Currently a 4th grade teacher hold this award because she got sick and had to be taken home by the counselor and puked in the counselor's car:)

Suck-it-up: You know how there are times we just need to suck it up??? Currently a 1st grade teacher holds this award for complaining about something. Turns out she was going to Las Vegas for the weekend and we told her to suck-it-up.
Bright Idea Award: Again this can be for any type of idea good or bad. Right now our counselor is in possesion of this award for coming up with all the award ideas:)

You are welcome to borrow our ideas or share some of your fun awards that we can borrow! Happy October!!!

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