Golden GermX Award

October can be a long month for teachers. The honeymoon period for behavior is over and the kids are restless. Then there are P/T Conferences and Fall Parties AND the time change.

Sooooooooo.....to liven things up a little bit my counselor and I came up with some "fun" awards/recognition "tropies" to be passed around the building on a weekly basis.

The Schmop: This is along story but this is the mother of all awards! I can be for good or bad or fun or whatever. Currently my speech teachers holds onto the Schmop because her father died last week.
This is a real feather duster with a construction paper face that was give to me as a joke and I am paying it forward:)

The Golden GermX Award: Originally this was going to be painted gold and/or wrapped in gold and put on a gold pedastal but the green plaster really made the award. Currently a 4th grade teacher hold this award because she got sick and had to be taken home by the counselor and puked in the counselor's car:)

Suck-it-up: You know how there are times we just need to suck it up??? Currently a 1st grade teacher holds this award for complaining about something. Turns out she was going to Las Vegas for the weekend and we told her to suck-it-up.
Bright Idea Award: Again this can be for any type of idea good or bad. Right now our counselor is in possesion of this award for coming up with all the award ideas:)

You are welcome to borrow our ideas or share some of your fun awards that we can borrow! Happy October!!!

Joplin MAESP Meeting November 9th

Hello Southwest MAESP Members!

As we gear up for our annual Fall Meeting we need some information from you. The plan for the meeting is explained below:

When: November 9th 12:00
Who: SW MAESP Members
Where: Joplin -(Location to be determined)
Presentation : Joplin Principals
12:00 Lunch
12:45 Presentation

Since our meeting will be held in Joplin this year we are anticipating a BIG turnout. In order to accommodate all who plan to attend we need you to fill out the RSVP posted below. Lifetouch will be sponsoring lunch so we need an accurate count. The RSVP will be printed so we can check off those who are attending for lunch.

WE NEED YOUR RSVP, ASAP!!! Please respond by THIS Friday October 28th!
Once we know how many will be attending we will be able to select a venue for the meeting. More information to come next week!

MAESP SW Sub D October Meeting

Hello SW Sub D Elementary Principals! Hopefully your year is off to a great start! We need to get together to share ideas and solve all the problems of the world.

Last year we scheduled a couple of meetings. One meeting had to be canceled due to weather and I don't think I ever rescheduled. I don't want that to happen again so I am reading to get started planning some of our meetings.

2011-2012 Kick Off Meeting!

When: Monday October 10th 1:00PM (You can still fit in lunch doodie:)
Where: Ebbit's Field S. Glenstone
Time: 1:00 - 2:30 or 3:00ish
Topic: Choose a candidate for SW Distinguished Principal, Membership ideas, Round table discussion regarding any issues you need help with, Schedule meetings for remainder of year and topics

Please fill out the form below so I know how many to include in our reservation at Ebbit's Field.
Looking forward to seeing all of you!