Me So Forty....and Getting Healthy

Some of you are handling your milestone birthday a bit better than I am. So I thought would share all the Apps, gadgets, crazy things I am doing to deal with this once in a lifetime event.......

Getting in shape!
It appears that my HS friends and some online friends are running marathons and/or doing triathlons. I think I will just stick to getting healthy and back into decent shape first.

Tried RunKeeper. Couldn't get it set up the way I want and not very motivating when the "voice" repeats "zero distance" and a "10 hr pace." While I work on getting that set up correctly I am revisiting Couch-to-5K.

iTunes Playlist: Working on my playlist for working out. Got the timing of the songs down but now have to work on the order of songs.

Eating Healthy:
Re-stalled "Lose-it" to log what I eat. So far so good but I need to find a "friend" to hold me accountable. I stress eat and consume way too much Starbucks. Trying to make adjustments so I don't have to give up Starbucks.

Menu Planner give me the option to plan my meals. This has come in handy in the past but having a visible menu posted on the fridge works better for us. Going to go back to this. Lose-it might have a menu options that I will have to look into also.

My 40th birthday would have to be the ultimate motivation. In order to make a little bit more fun I am using iRewardChart do keep track of work-out days and Wheel of Friends to spin for my treat for working so hard:) Ah, you laugh but isn't that what we do for kids:):):) (Tune in for a post on how to use "Wheel of Friends" at school.)

Let's try 4-Square for accountability:)