Oh....And this too.

The Write Tools
My summer reading list is a long as everyone else's. This was added to my reading list after having lunch with @dlegore a couple weeks ago. She attended the 90/90/90 conference in St. Louis and this was promoted by the Leadership and Learning Center.

Last year we focused a lot on writing as a school and as a district. My teachers began collaborative scoring for the first time and found success. Writing is hard and TEACHING writing is even harder. How many of us are comfortable with our own writing skills? I try to keep up this blog but I am still insecure about my own writing skills. This blog is meant to be helpful to other principals and if I can do that....my writing is successful.
You should try it:)

Oh and here is what is on my Kindle: (The books say "new" because I upgraded to the iPad 2 and had to reload my Kindle books.)

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