Principal Back to School To-do list....

Writing this post was on my to-do list for Monday that I obviously didn't get done until today:) Seriously, why did I even make a Monday to-do list? Anyway, here is what was on my list for Monday and/or this week after being off work for  2 weeks of holiday break:

  • Write my to-do list in this blog to help other principals in need
  • Update school Facebook page
  • Update school website
  • Send weekly update email to parents through SISK12
  • Send teacher memo
  • Check/update 2nd semester staff and school google calendar
  • Board Report due Friday - still working on that
  • 1st discipline report due in board report
  • Write thank you not for parent that planted like 8 trees over the holiday break
  • Finalize Instructional Excellence logs for Central Office
  • Call parent who is going to install hand sanitizers
  • Make chart for 2nd qtr./semester reading scores
  • Assign readers for the rest of the chapters of our school-wide book club
  • Contact MAESP committee for new principal recognition at the state conference
  • Plan "Costumes for Community Service" day for Jan. 7th
  • Finalize hotel and arrangements for visit to school to observe RTI strategies
  • Survey 3rd and 4th graders for input on our monthly recognition assembly
So you get the point?! There is lots to do. This doesn't even include getting into classrooms which I usually schedule or have an idea of where I am going to visit each day. Geesh! 

So what else did I leave out? What was on your to-do list for back-to-school after break?