Leadership Team-Builder - Story Cube App

For me, team-building is a way to get to know my staff better and make the transition, from a busy day, to our meetings. I try to do team-building activities as often as I can but sometimes you just have to get the point of a meeting an get started. This week I chose to do an activity.
At my building Leadership Team meeting this week I used the iPhone app Story Cube for our team-builder. It is a "dice" app that has dice with pictures on them and you can use the pictures as story starters, or how I used it for this activity. This is how it worked.........

  • Turn your iPhone on "airplane mode" (You wouldn't want to get a text message right in the middle of someone else's turn.)
  • Each person takes a turn shaking the iPhone to roll the dice
  • There are 9 dice but for the sake of time we only picked two, after we rolled.
  • Each teacher had to relate one picture to a personal topic and one picture to a professional topic. (We only did 2 for the sake of time.)
  • You have to tell what picture is on the dice(because we were using my iphone and the other teachers couldn't see it) and whether it is personal or professional then tell your story.
  • Then pass to the next person.
I chose the picture of the magic wand(not pictured on the screen to the right but there is a wand on one of the dice) for personal wishing that I could wave a magic wand over my 2 children so they would sleep through the night. 
I chose the picture of the tree(also not pictured) to tell the group about the new trees planted by PTO over Christmas break

How did I come up with this? Tony Vincent shared the app via twitter then I just came up with activity on my own. At least I think I made it up:) I sometimes do better on the fly so to speak.

One of my teachers used the idea for her grad class last night and I learned something valuable about another staff member that I need to remember.

Try it and tell me what you think!