iPod Lessons Learned

Last week I worked with Kindergartners using iPod Touches. It was pretty exciting for them and for me:) It's nice to interact with students one on one and I admit I need to do that more often.

Okay, lessons learned from 1st introduction to iPods:
  • iPod Touches are pretty small for Kindergartners.
  • The app with the larger letters was the better choice.
  • An iPad would probably be a better size for that age.
  • They really struggled moving the letters around because they are so small.
  • They just need practice for a while first so they can benefit from the word work aspect and not the actual manipulation of the letters.
  • We need to add headphones to the school supply list if we are going be able to use these frequently.
  • It's going to take time but imagine what the school environment would be like if the iPod was just a "natural resource" for kids to use as needed?
I'll keep you posted:)