SWMAESP Sub D Meeting Nov. 30th

Hello SW MAESP Members!!!
Rather than creating another website/blog to share our information I decided to just add information to the blog that I already keep. This is a personal/professional blog that is not necessarily attached to my school in any way. It is a public blog and anyone can read it. If you are not familiar with blogging feel free to read other posts on this site and welcome to the world of blogging!

At our last meeting at the Library Center we decided to revive monthly meetings. Many principals mentioned that  it would be nice to get together to share/support each other. If you cannot attend this one we will schedule another meeting after the 1st of the year. We will try to alternate dates a little bit so that everyone can attend at least once.

You're Invited!!!

What: SW Sub D Meeting
When: Tuesday Nov. 30th 1:00-3:00
Where: Ebbet's Field on S Glenstone (Used to be Rivals next to old Circuit City)

Topic: Evaluations/Walk-throughs/Observation forms etc. - Please bring copies of forms you use for observations. If you would like to forward your forms to me I can link them to this blog and send another post with the forms included.

Examples of some forms I and others have used over the years: (I could add others here as well.)
Google Spreadsheet checklist
Google "feedback" form used on iPad
A Willard form

Please RSVP on the form below.